An idea for the future updates

Dude, perfect example!
And probably one of the cringiest things I ever witnessed… :grimacing:


The sun rizes, the sun sets. Because of some hours of darkness, it doesn’t mean that the sun won’t rize again. Maybe the next day black clouds will cover the sun, that doesn’t mean that you’ll never witness sun rize again. Patience and hope was, is and will be the answer for everything, my dear friend. Have a nice evening, lovely to chat with you, thank you :+1:t6:.

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Wow, that was brutal! I’ve done so many stage events similar to that (but without the fails) - I feel so sorry for that guy! That’s like the nightmare scenario everyone fears most!

that’s really on point, especially in a coming of 3.0 that has chance (albeit differently) to do the same to CE

sorry? there should be no pity for fools that make such decisions

Mr. T pities the fool.