An improvement to end the leafy floor look?

Game mode: [All]
Problem: [Cosmetic]
Region: [All]

Would be really nice if build items that place close to the ground surface no longer have the ground dressing type (not interactable) plants sticking up through the floor. For new players this will be the thing that really sticks out an ugly first home visual, then becomes a practice of making a building floor high enough that the building does not suffer the leafy weeds where it definitely should not be look.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Find some low leafy stuff.
  2. Place a low level block at ground level on it.
  3. The leafy stuff sticks out of the top of the stone floor.

I noticed this the first day I started playing and on PS4 there is no easy way to raise foundations…ok I’ll be honest, there is no way to do it unless there is a tree accessible. You can use the tree to raise the foundation start level.

Why you can’t just simply raise or lower foundation level on PS4 baffles me.

or you could just use the shift+scrollwheel to make it whatever height you’d like :slight_smile:
surely they have some type of key combo for ps4 as well. I saw that this was an all platform complaint but it looks to be a ps4 specific issue. Someone may want to move this to an appropriate thread as this is the pc bug thread and ps4 likely won’t get much attention here.

If you hit triangle on PS4 it gives different options for building placement. One is for adjusting height of objects. Except you can’t raise or lower foundations.