An innovative design of official server -- autonomous official server

In fact, whether before or recently, the official server has always had the following problems:

1: The official definition of rules is actually very vague

2: Some players clearly violate the rules but cannot be punished in time or effectively

3: Some players clearly do not violate the rules, but because the rules are vague, they are severely punished and even have no room for maneuver.

I can understand the official mood, because Conan is a very free game. As a sandbox survival game, it is difficult to use accurate rules to specify certain things, such as how many building blocks your family can only have, which behaviors are enclosure, and so on. It is precisely because of this uncertainty that when the administrator manages based on certain behaviors, the more strict the management is, the more people will be injured by mistake. If you let it go, more people will break the rules. In fact, if the administrator takes the server management seriously and responsibly, it can effectively alleviate these contradictions. However, we can’t blame the administrators for their irresponsibility, because in fact, they have to deal with a large number of complaints and suggestions from a large number of servers every day.

Today, when I was thinking about the comparison between official servers and private servers, I suddenly had a brainwave. Can I set up an official server that allows individuals to obtain certain administrator permissions? Just like the United States of America and its subordinate states. This is a server between official server and private server. It can take into account some advantages of official server and private server at the same time. I would like to talk about my specific ideas. They may be immature. You are welcome to improve them.

1: This server should be set with the same magnification and basic difficulty as the official service.

2: Players can purchase this server, but it is marked differently from the official service. The player administrator only has the right to supervise, including demolishing a player’s building and prohibiting a player from entering this server. You cannot have other rights of the server, such as taking materials from the administrator panel or changing server settings.

3: The most important thing is that, because the magnification and the like are the same as the official service, they can be transferred and interconnected with other official services.

In fact, the core of my idea is to allow players to participate in the management of knife servers. At the same time, players also have the right to choose servers that are recognized as excellent and efficient.