An option to go straight through Thralls

I would like to suggest an option to go straight through Thralls, preferably following Thralls.

On narrow pathways and smaller rooms, it happens quite frequently that the following Thrall moves and/or teleports in your way, blocking you off.
An option to be able to go straight through them would be greatly appreciated.
It is also a cheap and easy solution to a common issue.


You know, disabling collision with the thrall following you is actually a really clever solution to this problem. :open_mouth: I like it!

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I think it would end up causing more issues than it would help. I would really prefer if they would just be forced back if you kicked them.

The oprion exists in the hard attack of a katana


Maybe allow our characters to push them aside? Kicking them aside ought to work too, like @Aria_of_Sorrow mentioned there already.

If they made it so when i punch my thrall/pets it knocked them down for say 30 seconds so we could pass it would solve the issue and then i could place a camel in my castle and knock it out Arnie style lol :smile:


There are several ways to solve this issue, kicking them aside would work, but would undoubtedly raise server stress, and thus the dev-team would not so much consider.

I am hoping that by suggesting letting the player simply go through Thralls/pets, (which is the case in some MMO’s), the dev-team maybe would very well consider, as it even actually may lower server stress, and the Thralls/pets annoying obstruction.

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That creates far more problems in PVP, and it would likely cause issues when you were trying to KO/Capture them as well.

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I think he is talking about thralls that you own. All other rival thralls and npc’s would work as is.

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I understand that.

The issue is that changes never go that well in this game.

A change like that will have a ton of repercussions. Being able to pass through thralls like that will give you a massively unfair advantage in PVP, and there is no doubt in my mind that it would also introduce bugs that cause you to unintentionally pass through wild thralls occasionally as well.

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We solved this solution by building different access points in our base. And, in an area where we can’t … say on a ledge somewhere… Simply progress further down then turn around. The Thrall will move away. You can also set it to “stop following” then make it re-follow an it should move.

No new update or coding required.

I will agree, it is a pain when they get in the way or are not doing anything when they should be.

OH, maybe instead of “going through” or other things, just allow the owners to be able to move them. For example, you pick them up and move them. If you place them on land that’s owned (say inside an enemy base) it will automatically go on “follow” if you place them. Problem solved, no major coding changes needed. (I think) Simply a permission issue (again…I think)

This would be a huge issue causing many issues with the rendering and most likely forms of collision If you have a issue just relocate them its annoying but trust me in an see that breaking a lot of stuff easily. Can’t give a example at the moment but I can later. But love the idea!

A better solution is if you are walking towards them and there isn’t enough room around them they slowly back up as they would have collision detection it would also make it more realistic too watching them back up slowly.

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Unfair advantage to who? The player with the thrall or the other player with the thrall? Any update to PVP is by default symmetrical because all players have the exact same options available to them.

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The guy in the narrow hallway of his base packed full of thralls.

I admit I don’t play PVP, but personally I wouldn’t want to fight a PVP battle in those conditions; the risk of friendly fire would be close to 100 %.

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