An update on the next console patch

Yeah that’s right once a week, same day for all updates. So expect hopefully next week Tuesday.

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Greetings everyone and thank you for being patient and understanding with us.

Unfortunately neither the Xbox or PS4 patch have been certified at this point. We will thus not be able to deliver on the expectation of patching this month, for which we apologize. We were too optimistic with the timeline.
We of course plan to release both as soon as possible, and are working on addressing any issues and coordinating with both Microsoft and Sony to have the certification completed in the shortest possible time frame. Currently we do not have a clear estimate for the releases, but will share with you once we do.
Though we don’t have a clear estimate for the releases, this does mean we missed the window for this week.

As always, thank you for your continued support.


You could see it coming … at least they had news. And as always by the end of next month, and so on until Christmas or 2022 …

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Es sorprendente verte esta noticia, después de ver que ponen el juego en oferta en la Store… pero gracias por la información.

Not surprised, the certification process seems pretty unpredictable.

Anyway, more time for oil and ichor.


Well, that’s disappointing. Made an account just to say that. I was getting pretty eager to get back into the game, I was even thinking of buying another DLC pack. Never got the Yamatai one and was going to restart for all the mechanic updates, roleplay as a samurai girl, all that good stuff. Since there’s no ETA at all, I’m guessing the update straight-up failed certification? Yikes.

Could take ages for it to get fixed up enough to go through.

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Oh wow…

This is just for patch 2.3 right? Not included siptah?

so, stop giving dates, you are totally lost, filling us with false hopes

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I will always promote bad news is better than no news at all. Thank you for the update.

Its giving me more time to prep anyways :slight_smile:


today didn’t work, ok. but why not tomorrow? why was it already the week?

Pretty sure the certification failed, meaning Funcom is going to have to go back into the update and recode/rework things to make it work and not fail compliance issues. Considering the size of the update, we might be in for a wait. Who even knows how long it’s going to take them to do that, followed by who even knows how long it would take for Sony/Microsoft to give the thumbs-up.

In other words, a year’s worth of updates in one patch is ambitious. Should’ve been split up into smaller chunks at steady intervals, like most other game studios do. I realize certification probably costs money on the studio’s part (think I remember hearing Xbox 360 patches costed something like ten grand per pop, back in the day) and that Funcom may not have had the cash sitting around for it, but they’ve probably given themselves quite a lot of extra work in the process, not to mention risked stagnating their console communities.

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What I am hearing is that console updates should have been in tandem with PC and not ignored for so long to focus on spitah. Totally agree and that was my hidden fear. Ah well.

Hey, Funcom. You know what would be really cool reward for patience? Spitah put on PS plus for a month after you get the updates finalized. Bet you money that you will get a huge spike in players that would be eagerly buying DLC to recoup that move…but hey what do I know.

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Well why am I not surprised, no update, no fix for the unplayable game, confidence in funcom has gone out the window, it really looks like they really don’t care about console player’s, server issue’s have been going on for a year, game bug’s galore if you do finally manage to get on a server, my patience has evaporated, disappointment enormous, way to go killing off you’re console player’s


Generally speaking, it can take two to five days for Sony to certify a regular (non-priority) patch. Given the size of this one… I’d be very surprised if it came out to less than a week and a half.
This, of course, assumes that this isn’t an April Fool’s Day prank. If this news is Aprilsnarr, then it is, shall we say, in poor taste.

That said, it’s not like there is much to be done for the matter. Discontent has already been aired for the past year, not much new to say. I cannot imagine any job involving community engagement is looked on with particular enthusiasm.
What a mess.


Bonjour corriger au moin les glitch …la nouvelle carte et tout on peut attendre ! Les joueurs qui construisent sou la maps il faut corriger le problème qu’on puisse continuer à jouer au moin …

Thanks for the update @Dana


Anyone who has been around the forum for a while and has gotten to know me would know that I am a fairly reasonable guy, and that I almost always defend Funcom. And that is not going to change anytime soon believe me, in spite of what I am going to say. However people will also agree that I am a straight shooter, and I am not going to bite my tongue if something is bothering me. If someone I care about is doing a good job and acting sensibly, I tell them. Conversely, if someone is doing a bad job, or behaving foolishly, I also tell them. I call this phenomena: giving a damn.

Im going to be honest here, I am cross about this. For most people, and certainly myself included, this is our second biggest holiday period outside of the December Christmas break. Needless to say, I was looking foward to playing some of the ohhhh…10 months worth of changes, content and fixes which console players have been waiting patiently for. Moreover, it has now been around 6 months since we even saw so much as a hotfix on consoles. So I was deligthed to hear in early 2021 that we will (finally) be getting the content and updates in the usual ‘SoonTM’. Now the first quarter has been and gone, and still zip!

And before anyone jumps in with but…but…its not Funcom’s fault, ‘theyre were waiting on Sony and Microsoft for certification’…it is. They have had months to prepare and time this release. For gods sake could we not have released it to coincide with the last Dev Stream. But no, obviously 10 months of already building suspense was not long enough. No we had to draw it out further. They left it until the eleventh hour before the holidays, ie-didn’t allow enough time in their estimates for completion of the certification process, and now we get to miss out on the second biggest holiday of the year. Look, at this point console players no longer care about getting two more (annecdotal figure) tiny hotfixes shuashed into our 6 months worth of backlogged updates. We just want to get, at least close to, on par with PC asap. We can take on more hotfixes later. I am disappointed by the way this was handled.

Ps- that rant said, I do still appreciate them having the coutesy to communicate and let us know. So thankyou for that much at least.


Hopefully next Tuesday PS4 will get the update, the game has a ton of potential and with this large update, I would jump back into the game and try it. But not before then, I couldn’t stand having to re-do all my settings every time I loaded the game. I wonder if they removed that frustrating thing where your character would auto lock onto people every time you changed from 1st person to 3rd person, please have removed that!

EMF-“unbelievable” …Song somewhat relects how I’ve felt for well over a year (among others who are NSFW). Nice to see though, at the very least, we get some info. However, this has all become a sad meme. Hope that it all works out for the player base who have stuck around since the dark times. Thanks to community team for info.