An update on the next console patch

Des petit beug il y en a dans tout les jeu pas très important nouvelle maps pas très important !! mes la de jouer under maps sur un jeu de Survie c’est vraiment un bug a corrigé le jeu est devenue injouable !! Pour moi le jeu est vraiment bien avec tout le contenu actuelle juste corrigé les bug avant de sortir d’autre contenu !

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And for 5 month around xmas we have to listen to the fanbois scream, “but it’s holidays in Norway, they can’t work now!” :man_facepalming:

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I found that list is actually inaccurate. I logged in an official PVE server said no players was there and looked at player list to find 4 online. I mean often also the list of servers I have character on they say also are lvl 66 when they were not even lvl 50 yet


I have a question? Umm why would you chose a game over a big /major holiday? I am just saying if it was that important I would inmagion you would use that time to spend with friends or family? perhaps I am missing something of your post. Yea I want this update I seen the update on pc infact am excited but I am not so sure I would miss a holiday that is important to me for an update either.

Lol yeah that level thing has been wrong for years. I think there were a couple months where it showed the correct level. But yeah not any more :slight_smile:


Yes it is hit and miss just like food preference on pets and thralls.

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Greetings Exiles,

The planned update we mentioned last week, is unfortunately still in certification for both consoles. Since the last announcement, we kept working on addressing the issues that came up and coordinating with both platform holders. Due to the amount of changes we had to do, the full certification takes significantly longer than we were anticipating. However, we are doing our best on our end to get 2.3 to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Guys we are all stressed about not having an update for consoles. Maybe this will be an eye opener for FunCom to release smaller updates more frequently instead of one huge patch once a year… or maybe not…

Either way once its in sony/microsofts hands its there is no timeline on when it gets approved. They are thoroughly checking for any exploits in the patch that could be used to hack into their consoles. Coming from a IT background I can tell you its not simple and the size of this patch is going to make it 10x longer.

So just relax and stay prepping for 2.3 and pray they dont reject the patch because most of you will be really losing your heads then.


really trying to understand… but i don’t see the point question funcom procedures as it is not the first time releasing updates to those platforms! :zipper_mouth_face:

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This is the key part of her statement, and what i underestand between the lines: last minute tweaks here and there to push the update through validation process, and like the bad student who starts to study the day before the exam, completely fails.
Anyway, I’ll be patient (because it’s just a game, and honestly, i don’t care at all) but i’m less in love with conan exiles than weeks before.

Have a nice day


I guess I did read quickly over that tad bit. Sounds like it failed on the first go around.

Either way both companys are going to review the whole patch again not just the parts that failed to pass. Sony only releases game updates iv noticed on Tuesday nights so if your game is not updated by Wednesday morning patch either failed validation again or Sony is still working on it.

Instead of commenting all week about not having the update. Lets all just regroup here every Wednesday morning and rant lol


Thanks for Update!

In other words you’ve been sitting on the fact that your update failed certification and are working to fix your errors. Fixed it for you.


Recuerda que PC ya va por la 2.4 Test.
Que se trata de otro Año luz para consola (1.6) con respecto al PC. (2.4 Test) Y volverán a ser las Certificaciones la escusas¿?

I am writing to the people of the forum, when do you think version 2.3 will be released for consoles? Bets



Thanks for the update, would you consider giving the consoles 1.5x or 2x gathering while we wait for the patch? I now know new benches of varying heights are coming so i don’t want to build until i see what they look like and know how big a space I need. I know armor/weapon stats are going to change so I don’t want to waste resources building armor or weapons until after the patch. Can you please give us something as a bonus while we wait for the patch?

Thanks for considering

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I support this idea, you should give us something as compensation for these update delays. At least x2 of farming until the update appears.


Paciencia señores… Isla de siptah llegará. Funcom esta trabajando en eso. Seguro que la semana que viene como muy tarde la tendremos, confiemos en los desarrolladores

Thanks for the update.
Are you at liberty to share what specifically didn’t pass certification last time?

Either way, please keep us posted.

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