An update on the next console patch:

No joking around monk i agree with you on this one they are a joke or they think that where a joke

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He was on the last live stream he been with funcom for awhile. Now he’s the community manager


Thanks for the update Andy. Eagerly waiting and hope it hits the Series X first. Stay Safe.


He is the community manager in other words the head of the community relations team. You saw him on the Dev stream.


Gotta love it let me get my surprise look on​:smiley:still no update lol y funcom y so it now takes almost 3 weeks for Microsoft to do certification so when I went to the Microsoft website and looked at the steps for certification it doesn’t look like it takes weeks :man_shrugging:

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Greetings everyone and thank you for being patient and understanding with us.

Unfortunately neither the Xbox or PS4 patch have been certified at this point. We will thus not be able to deliver on the expectation of patching this month, for which we apologize. We were too optimistic with the timeline.
We of course plan to release both as soon as possible, and are working on addressing any issues and coordinating with both Microsoft and Sony to have the certification completed in the shortest possible time frame. Currently we do not have a clear estimate for the releases, but will share with you once we do.
Though we don’t have a clear estimate for the releases, this does mean we missed the window for this week.

As always, thank you for your continued support.


Thank you for the update! :slight_smile:


I’ve gotta agree with this, they either lied about the fact it was already in certification, or they didn’t pass certification. Either way, they have given us false information and continue to feed us lies instead of simply telling us the full truth. Really pathetic for a company to use this strategy. I love this game so damn much, but this company is just really terrible with customer service and public relations. I appreciate the effort community managers, but it falls so very short of what is needed to keep players feeling like you guys actually care.


Stopped watching streams when big reveal for Siptah was for PC only


Funcom, easy solution, sell the Conan IP to a company/ studio who will actually take care of the game. You’ll make money, our game will get fixed, everyone wins. Sell off the Conan IP, you are squandering it.


oh my god … the employees of fc also take off their shoes to count to twenty at the checkout. it just scoffs at any description


Ill say it again Funcom you are a lieing pathetic joke of a company. I know this will get flagged but you people are exactly that. You told us end of the month and waited till the 30/31st to say anything to us. You knew you weren’t gonna make it at least a week ago ill bet anything, and you chose not to say anything. What PC got you too occupied to commit more effort and resources into fixing consoles. Take all the time you need to fix it now bc by the time people realize how big of liars you are we will all have quit by the time you fix it. Garbage. Stop lieing and grow a pair and tell us the truth. Man up and admit your lacking in ability to properly fixing consoles. You are the worst game company i have ever dealt with.


We hope Microsoft will certify before next month. Lol

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Not one bit of new information…

When was the patch submitted? When was stability patch finished? Who decided we should wait for stability by adding the parity portion of the update? Was the stability patch written to accommodate the 2.3 content? Or will 2.3 void the stability patch for 2.2? Why wont anyone answer these questions?


With all the fixes coming to Cyberpunk, I can wait.

Although, I will say to Funcom, :fu: this is how it’s done.
They admitted failure and are working their tails off and it shows! Respect.


No new information bc they are dishonest cowards. Any normal company would give us a dive into the understanding of these problems bt not funcom. They just expect us to play dumb and silent and keep saying ‘‘patience and support’’. They are pathetic.


So does anyone in Funcom have any idea on how long it will be before we will be able to play the game when WE are wanting to, not just on the rare occasion the server will allow access? Because as it stands at the moment, I and a LOT of my friends WORLDWIDE are only able to get ingame if we try to log in ONCE within an ever increasingly narrow 2 hour or less window of time during a day, when most of us are having to work!
Try more than once or outside of the permitted window and you’ll lose anything you have along with the chance of access to the game for at least 24 hours…

Just had all my stuff nicked so this technically works in my favour.

brb, cooking all the unappetising fish

Ya know effort means so much. As long as someone gives effort. Tries. May be doesn’t succeed but tries, gets my respect.

May be there has been too many changes since early access. May be someone made mistakes. Hell we were having updates and hotfixes like every week in the beginning. Felt like we were in it together. Effort on all sides.

Now it feels like someone or more has the " PC master race" attitude and treating console players as such. For a company to act this way is bad. Feels like a huge Bait and Switch scheme.

No effort from the company to be honest and have communication MORE than " be patient" makes me just lose respect. Ive hung on, but damn, im getting tired of being quietly patient.

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Well i called that one dead accurately. I really hate being right.