An update on the next console patch:

Esto es bien fácil, el día 31 de marzo era limite de Isla siptah y actualizaciones dicho funcom en su anuncio. Lo cual es publicidad engañosa y se puede denunciar, siguen actualizando pc pero consola no siptah y no actualización. Dicho esto si está semana tampoco tenemos noticias… Me veo obligado a recoger firmas y poner una denuncia por publicidad engañosa.

This is very easy, on March 31 was the limit of Siptah Island and updates said funcom in its announcement. Which is misleading advertising and can be reported, they keep updating pc but not siptah and not update. That said, if we don’t have any news this week either … I am forced to collect signatures and file a misleading advertising complaint. Those of us consoles have also left the money. Funcom or not give false hope, and do not say that the game is multiplatform because it is not. If you want it only for pc, remove the console. We will see if you suffer that loss.


I hate defending them, but they did not promise Siptah in this March 31 patch. They did say “early 2021” which looks like it will be missed.

That’s the extent of my defense though, as the info and transparency has been poor to unacceptable.

13/04/2021 never lol

I don’t care if we get septal I just want the game to work .it’s a great game it just needs to work.

yo he just communicated on the ps forum, to tell us again that he does not know and that he apologizes for the 1000 time, well nothing new.


My theory on this disaster is as follows.

FC didnt want to pay to certify 2 patches, so they tacked parity onto stability and sent it as one packet. The stability patch was finished some time ago, and the decision to save a few dollars by doubling up patch updates was made. The 2.3 content is most likely the source of the current delay in certification for the stability content. FC knows how we would react to this information, if confirmed. And i feel that is the reason they are so vague and infrequent with the communication. It is also why FC will not answer any of our questions with any real details. FC screwed us, again. FC is not willing to admit any fault or failure. FC just keeps saying it is in certification. But it is apparent that it has failed certification and we are waiting for fixes to correct the failure(s). Then it will be resubmitted for certification and it may or may not pass at that point.

Remember though, FC understand our fustrations!..dosent care in the slightest, but does understand! They demonstrate that by making decisions that only make console play worse, and delay any improvements. Even improvements that have been in progress for over half a year and have been awaited patiently by so many ppl that just keep getting screwed over.


Also, @Mayra @AndyB

When situations, like this delay, happen and there is no real communication of any real information, you can expect ppl to eventually blow their top. I am certain you have seen it in every thread you guys ignore and allow to reach a boiling point. It is due to your actions, or rather inactions, that directly lead to ppl making posts that receive Moderator action, like bans and posts being removed, etc…Please keep that in mind when you action those posts and accounts. These ppl are angry because of you, it may be a good decision to show some leniency when dealing with a situation caused by yourselves.

Your Pal


Yeah what my boy stinky said :grin:

Patch has dropped, thank you FC, and we shall see how this goes.

My prime theory on the delay of this Patch is the path of least resistance; FC , though capable of brilliant work, is disorganized, has turned in bad patches before, corrupted files, and Microsoft Sony have likley rec’d many complaints. That is likely the primary reason for extra scrutiny.

I would suspect that there are other reasons.


The long waited update day is here! You can check the patch notes on this link:

Thank you all for your patience and support! :slight_smile:


So funcom, today is delivery day?! If this update doesnt improve your game or even makes it worse in whatever way you will lose a big part of your experienced players. I’m sure you did your best to keep this players right? Because you know: Its the experienced players who keep newbies playing your game, by teaching them how to handle the “not small” number of bugs and dont leave after one week. I’m sure you knowing this right???

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Have Faith

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94GB of CE update goodness! :slight_smile:

Yea. Its huge! But so hope its what we need!

good morning, how are you doing the patch on xbox? We on ps4 hope it will arrive for us soon too.

Hey everybody,

The Xbox patch was released yesterday. Thank you all for your patience and feedback during the wait.

We’ll proceed to close this thread now that the update is out. Remember to send us feedback about any issues you might find while playing this update on Xbox!

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