An update on the next console patch:

No there will be no siptah on this funcom stated that siptah will be released on 3.0 updates on console however it was to be full released at 1Q of this year. However the siptah was not well taken by most and thought I’m sure some was already in the works they had to redo it completely and that’s taking longer and Scott jr start his position in January of this year and has started redoing large quantities of redos for the game including large amounts of bug and qol improvements along with more stability increases by my take I like what they are trying to achieve. They are hiring large quantities of new staff members and are slowly working on improving everything and are doing ok so far. So not siptah tell 3.0 for console and they are probably guessing at least mid summer or autumn before full release give or take but it all depends as usual


If that’s the case in my opinion it’s a shame, I want the patches and the island, I’m locked to the same map.

Here, here…I got it! -ahem-…

I understand what you are saying. I ask for you to be patient…-taps keyboard-
I will get to it as soon as I can. Thank you.

-copies and pastes to resume-

Think thats good enough for me to work for them?


First off stop with the lies and if it’s true show some proof you say alot do you work for them know you don’t you just said more then they have in the past 2 months there is a update my guess is something happened in cert that’s y we haven’t gotten it so to come out and say hey guy’s their is a mega update coming is not right you are not right your wrong do you think that they are going to put 2.3 and 2.4 and the new map out at the same time know not going to happen and I will say it again YOUR WRONG :-1:

4 / 8, No update, guess we have to wait. Lmao.

I’m not sure the good enough to work for them means . You working for them or you??? I’m a bit daft on that one

Developers get away with so much trash ethics these days. We paid AAA price for F- lackluster involvement with the Xbox port. at my very deep down core all I want to do is play on my friend’s coop world and play pve. Look wowee I can’t even do that. Fix this Funcom.
“Fun com taking the fun out of a comic universe”

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Friend, I have said that in my opinion the 2.3 update will come 2 patches in one. On the one hand patch of economy and stability and then the island of siptah expansion to buy, is my opinion. A wish and something logical for them to be delayed so long, I simply think this because they gave the date until March 31 to remove the island. They have not fulfilled it and that gives me something to think about. I still think and trust that in update 2.3 we will have the island of siptah to buy. The 2.4 no, but the island and the 2.3 in my opinion I think so

Ok i get what your saying put in the post i seen you didn’t say it was a option you said that they were working on a mega update it miss leads people go have a look at your post but hey I get it we all went the update and that’s the point I’m trying to make people are already mad at funcom we don’t need the confusion it causes problems and ty for replying and not getting mad i was just trying to clarify what you were saying have a good one

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Thanks for our patience and understanding, and our support?..really?

We have been eagerly waiting for stability and FC adds a HUGE patch to stability instead of giving us stability alone. WE HAVE BEEN YELLING FOR MONTHS, there is no patience left here for FC.You tell us nothing, so there is nothing to understand. None of us support FC’s crazy decisions or actions, or the way FC chooses to address us and their failures.

When we are thanked for our patience, understanding, and support IT SOUNDS LIKE B.S. AND ONLY SERVES TO AGGRAVATE. PLEASE STOP USING B.S. TO CLOSE A POST FULL OF B.S. WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN FED.

Thanks for understanding!


You’re hired, we would like for you to start Monday. Is that good for you? Oh, you were being sarcastic. Nevermind. Lol.

Friend, you are entitled to your opinion, and I am not trying to change your opinion. But in my opinion, you will be lucky to see 2.3 by end of this month. And at the rate they are going, you will be lucky to see Isle by Q4. It is good to have optimism and hope, but Funcom took that out a long time ago for me. Thank you for your opinion though. At least we on the forum hear you, Funcom won’t.

I think this because funcom released an ad that put the island of siptah at the beginning of the year 2021, it has not happened and that is reportable due to misleading advertising, I fully trust the improvements and expansion of funcom. I am fully confident that we will get the patch and paid expansion. I trust you love your community, if my opinion is wrong and it doesn’t happen, they will have lost another customer. But I repeat I trust that they will give us the mega update imminently

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I would say by testlive update, that any new hires got thrown to Isle for work. 2 new factions and a god. Not to mention 3 new land masses and how many new npc camps 40+. And we cant get anything fixed. What was last update for xbox? Was it the bug reporter to help them solve the crashing or was it the one to remove the message at the beginning, which comes back when you go online and get back offline. How long ago was that? I, as many here, would love to have a playable game. But I truly believe that Funcom is not working on our problem, only a way to get Isle to console as fast as possible. That won’t fix the problem, just put another mask on it, as they have done since CE dropped. Just my opinion, take it how you want.

As I said, not trying to change your opinion, respect it and not bashing it. I have just seen the Funcom song and dance too many times now. They need a new number, that one’s getting old.

Funcom…its frustrating to believe anything now since September…for a year “the new map” was talked about. Then sept 14th came…so many console players excited for the unveiling…then at the end of the trailer we were shot down…early 2021, it said for us…then 2021 came. January, nothing. February, nothing. March, nothing. Now into the second quarter of the year. Nothing so far. And you know what hurt, no, pissed me off the most of all this? Sept. 15th Dev discussions on siptah. You all sat there KNOWING how upset console players would be the day after disappointing us and said 2 minutes anything about console. That was it out of the whole time. The rest was how great it was for PC to do mods and play Siptah. You really want to know why console players are angry? You slapped us in the face. That Dev stream was you flipping us the finger and laughing at us. I sadly, love this game, but your attitude as a company absolutely is unprofessional.
Now here is someone trying to have faith in you and they must not have been through what us long termed players have. I feel sorry for them when you crush the hope they have for siptah when it fails to come to console as they hope it will.
You set rules and claim to want to stop trolls and exploiters, look in the mirror Funcom.


Funcom is garbage. Pathetic liars. … Oh im not suppose to be here lol thanks for your patience and understanding. Foh pos flag and report cowards. Blah blah blah