Anansi Probability Adjusters

I am wondering about the effectiveness of these pistols’ special ability. I have found no theory crafting giving any details about the increased probability of the matched set of chambers, other than some anecdotal evidence. Nor are they mentioned in some of the simulators that are available.

I am wondering why that is. Is it because their special ability does not compare to the ones that are in the spreadsheets, or is it because there is not enough information available to model their ability accurately? Does anyone have anything they could share in this regard?

Good question - I ended up choosing them because Pistol is my offhand, but I do wonder…

The auction house does occasionally list them and they are fairly expensive, but that may be for reasons other than effectiveness.

I’ve only recently switched from ordinary Pistols. The ability shows up as an icon (with a 1,2 or 3 on top - not sure what that means). It does disappear while I’m shooting, so it gets used. However I have only used it against trash, so it may be triggered more often when I go in and out of combat.

[Edit]I have now seen a “4” on the stack, so it goes at least that high[Edit]

@Katya You might want to ask in the Discord, if you haven’t already. There’s some theorycrafters there that might be able to help.

I took a look through the resources I have and agreed, I don’t see any data on them. Sov-Tech Harmonizers are far and away the best pistol for main handing from what I know, and I love using them.

Looking at the bonus, it might be good for offhand, when you’re firing intermittently, but the reason it doesn’t look terribly good for mainhand is you want to be activating chambers or boosting the damage of active chambers as much as possible to max out your pistol DPS. Something that only helps you match chambers after a mismatch seems like it would lag behind.

FYI the baseline match chances are below. From the wording of the weapon, I’m guessing that it grants a flat +x% bonus to each match, stacking as Tyrfing666 said.
White: 25%
Blue: 11.11%
Red: 2.78%

As someone who plays the auction house for profit, I can tell you that expensive things are usually expensive because people are willing to pay. Some of the more up-priced items I sell are junk. But people buy them all the same. In fact, there are many under priced items that people are willing to pay a lot more for, but for some reason have the idea that they should sell them cheaply instead. There are certain things that I occasionally buy out the market of and repost at a 3 or 4 times markup. And yes, they sell. Every time.

tl;dr: Trade post prices mean absolutely nothing and are entirely arbitrary.