Anarchy clan players who play anti-game on the official Xbox One server # 2985 pvp

Hello, I want to report the Anarchy clan from the official xbox-one server # 2985 pvp. They spread structures all over the map, preventing new players from connecting their bases and still closing the boss’s respaw, placing structures around the caves so that there is no more boss and sulfur respaw, surrounding the sulfur lake so that no one can collect the sulfur and close the teleportation obelisks.

@Narelle, can you please navigate our friend here, thank you.

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Hey @stelagel, I am sure you know where the link with the procedure to report this issue is. Everyone can link it to Fawkes :wink:

Hey @Fawkes , if you want to have any chance of this issue being looked at, you need to report it with all details using the correct channel which is sending a DIRECT msg to @ Community as described in this thread.

With the backlog they have and the upcoming holidays, please don’t expect a quick answer. It may take weeks before your report is viewed and eventually dealt with.


There is no way I could do it better than you, or explain the procedure, you are unique, thank you once more!

Hello, I already did this twice but as usual Funcom did not take any action, and an official server from Latin America is still unable to play because of bad players.

Hey there,

Accusing other players publicly in the forums goes against the forum guidelines. If already reported via the right channels, doing so circumventing the rules won’t speed up the process.
Please take some time off to review our guidelines: