Anarchy online level 30 Froob pvp tournament RK5

It’s 950 evades, the only thing that stands a chance is NTs no?

AImed shot, drains, DoTs…

AS can miss now and at lvl 30 vs 1k evades it’ll miss a lot

ya roll a GA fixer shud b gud


Are you absoluitely sure about the deflect thing with Aimed Shot? Anyone else able to confirm this?

Its true . + Ga fixer will die to Da taunter , totw rings aswell . Those cant be resisted

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Gunz here. I’ll be entering with Icrievritime.

You should increase time between duels to up to 5 min.


I know this facts. Agents alredy are op enough and no sneaking seems to be fair. Melee classes will have a 0 chance of winning with sneaking agents, traders. Its more of a balance. Sneaking shudnt nerf agents that much anyway. So i removed you from the list. If you change your mind ill reenter you.

bad rules for bad players

No need for hate my friend

have fun at the circlejerk

sorry you can’t do your cheese strat bro

Hope you change your mind man . Sneaking wont nerf you . This was updated like last week . The rules wont be edited anymore from now on tho thats it .

If sneaking wont nerf me then it wont help me either, so why ban it? What it comes down to is Sneaking is not how you play, and you don’t want to deal with people who play the game differently. On top of that, you know your own twinks aren’t prepared for a character with both concealment and perception.

I Dont care about my character. There is no reward for me. Its for others. . Its a fair rule.