ANCIENT ORDER - The Premier PVP Roleplay Server!

  • Welcome to Ancient Order -
    The Newest Conan Exiles PVP Roleplay Server!

Map: Exiled Lands - PC
Language: English
Server Start Date: 12/2/20
Server Host Location: USA West - Los Angeles
NO WIPE!!! Build with confidence for the long-run!

— 3x EXP, Harvest, Thrall conversion —
----- 1.5x craft speed, thrall leveling -----

Safe Buildings, No player Base damage. Build your Dream Castle!
* 24/7 player vs player open-world combat **

-Highly Active Discord

  • Regulated Mods with no player favoritism or tolerance for hacking/scammers
  • Map Tables at every Obelisk
  • Server-Wide roleplay events, Tournaments, PVE challenges, & Activities
  • LONG DAYS & Short Nights!!!

Server Rules:

  1. All Global/Local Chat Must be conducted in-character
    – except when asking questions/advice
    2.) 24/7 player v. player combat (loot drop on death)
    3.) No Duping, Exploits, or blocking points of interest
    4.) No griefing, spawn camping, or excessive land claiming
    5.) Max clan size 5

Join the Official Server Discord: