And another 7 purge fighters all with accuracy perks again.....seems impossible to NOT get accuracy perk or neg strength on fighter

Seems like they made the good perks more rare. It’d be nice if the thrall gains typically in what they are training in, so if you want an agile thrall, level them using light weapons, etc.

I’ve got a dozen brutes with archer perks. No idea where they gained the affinity for archery while crushing skulls with maces

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Sounds perfect, its always good that a figher also can shoot! Whats the problem whit that?

Hey, we don’t kink-shame around here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a more serious, on-topic note, I really wish they would remove or rework the “perks” that decrease the most important attribute, i.e. strength for fighters and accuracy for archers.

Either that, or add secondary bonuses for those stats, e.g. strength would give a bonus to melee damage and ranged armor pen, and accuracy would give a bonus to ranged damage and melee armor pen. If they did that, we wouldn’t have to feel so bad for getting a fighter’s strength decreased in favor of accuracy.


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Can you see who flagged you? Is that a thing? I have no idea about the flagging stuff.

just says community flags, then an email saying you have been silenced until the 12th

Ok so you have to guess, I see.
I think if everyone was able to see who flagged a post, people woudn’t overuse this tool, like in @HrothgarFrosthound case.

No, you can’t. You can see why you were flagged, but not who flagged you. For more information on flagging:

I’m not a moderator, but I do want to say it would be nice if we didn’t derail this thread with discussion of flagging. Also, I’m pretty sure @TotenMeister didn’t get silenced just for that post he highlighted, since there was another post on this thread that got actually deleted by the mods. Occasionally, mods will step in when people are being rude or toxic. Doesn’t happen often enough, though.


@Vys ive got a thread i made about the random excessive flagging going on lately, not sure how to post a link for it in here

This is the thread:

It’s long and meandering and it gets very heated occasionally.


Yes thank you, i can never figure out how to do that lol :sweat_smile:


flagging and hiding my post doesn’t really bother me but account silenced for two days for a, you come here often joke ok, I’ve said worse and not even got flagged but whatever lol,
but about these thrall perks. Is save-scumming on single player the only tried and true method of getting consistent desirable results cause it seems so

Either save-scumming or admin commands. There is no really reliable way of weeding out undesirable results.

Honestly, for all that I understand that the devs have to prioritize work, it’s hard for me to understand why they can’t just disable a couple of those “worst offender” perks in their RNG tables. Don’t remove them completely, just give them a 0% chance, until they can do something better.


that or super boost the diet percentages to affect those perks not sure if diets even matter anymore. Anyone got a thrall stat to 100+ with perks gear and buffs, closest I got was 99 acc with Sarnai Thorn

As far as I know, diet never affected which perks you get. Some players pushed that idea because people don’t understand how randomness works and how our brains are wired to recognize patterns even when there are none, but it was never confirmed to be true.

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I think someone made a video about it’s natural growth through level effect of dieting but perks never cared in my perception just wasn’t up and up on the conclusiveness

But whats the problem whit the bow skill? I do understand the problem whit some of the - stat points but not the bow. And all perks give flavor and give the thrall a storry and caracter so in general bad leveling do not exist exept from not giving them (corect) food when leveling or they dubble level and not get the food bonus!

Opinions are divided.

Some people hate any perk that decreases an attribute. For example, Resourceful Skulker is -5 to strength and +8 to survival.

Others hate perks that decrease an attribute and increase a “useless” attribute, such as Deadeye (-3 strength, +5 accuracy) on a fighter.

Personally, I’m in the latter group. Due to the hidden damage multipliers, accuracy is useless on a fighter and strength is useless on an archer. As far as I’m concerned, the devs should do one of the following:

  • make all attributes useful for all follower classes (e.g. by making str also give a ranged ap bonus and making acc also give a melee ap bonus)
  • make sure certain follower classes do not get certain perks
  • rework the follower system to (among other things) get rid of the hidden multipliers

Or/and merge the 2 classes to one combat unit.

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