And "old" players still here?!?


Hello Everyone!

Been a very long time! I stopped playing do to real life stuff.

I am deeply sadden to come back and see not only my friend’s list has been wiped clean, but also booted out of my guild.

Is there anyone who remembers who I am? Or better yet been in the following guilds:

Bloodlines -
The Epic Guard

I believe the server we were all on was Crom. Oh and I have videos too if it will help folks jog their memories.

Just trying to track down any old friends still around. :slight_smile:


I think I remember you. I was in TEG back in 2008-10, which is most likely before you were, but they are still around and raiding T6.


Who were your toons in Bloodline?


Same happened to me, many guilds were deleted, also they merged EU server with USA server so i guess some toons were transfer or something because out of 9x toons i had almost none of them was in any guild anymore. Guilds i used to be were Sinister Awakening, another one i forgot and i remember we were fighting Futilez who apparently deleted itself.


I joined Epic Guard after a rather migraine mess happened in Bloodline. So, Zaldar, I DO recall doing a couple of combined raids with Bloodline and Epic Guard and I believe a short time later you disappeared.

Unutterable - My most used characters were:
Cantina -Level 80 - Conquer, Azolla - Level 80 - Priest, there are others. One of Bloodline’s leaders was Devilzul - I think. Been too long.

ISawTheDevil, Being uninvited to the guild was annoying. However, seeing my friends list wiped clean, man, I was and still am peeved. I’ve been adding friends since BETA. And now I have to track down (or try too) friends who are still around. Like making this post and shouting from the rooftops when I’m online. :frowning:


I saw you ask in global last night for a TEG officer and Chacha (who was in my raid at the time) replied, so hopefully you found a home. If not, you can always join us (Rogue Angels)!