And Yet it happens again

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First crash on Isle of Septah after weeks of working on a brand new build. The last 4 hours GONE! Half my inventory GONE! It will let me tear down pieces on my build but will not allow me to add anything to it like I never built it to begin with. Weeks of work that I am going to have to tear down and rebuild so I can make any changes to my castle. I want to Cry honestly I am so mad and frustrated because what I like to do is build but I was nearing completion of this build and I can’t finish it at all! I have to start it all over again. First Exiled Lands and Now Septah and all of this started with this last update. I hope it is fixed in the next one I am so over all this sorcery stuff messing up everything.

Me to , its ridiculous a game you have spent your hard earned on and it does not work as it should

When I looked at how many pieces on this build it left me at 1… just ONE!!! I got about 1/3 of the framework back up just the base framework and already at 2500 pieces. that is how big this castle is. I am talking it would rival Cinderellas caslte, 4 huge pergolas around a Lake/waterfall, Huge courtyard, main throne room 4 walls high with 3 more double stories on top of it. Then off to the side full stable yard and crafting areas… One of my biggest builds to date. I wouldn’t do this on a regular server as I mainly just love to Build so do most of this on my single player server and yet It would allow me to tear down things but it wouldn’t allow me to modify anything that was already up. It basically took my design of my own and left what was done there and not able to be finished so I had to slowly tear down things and re-add them back slowly till I got my base back… and that is just the frame none of the decorations or goodies inside it. I am so frustrated.

I switched from Exiled because it bugged out my little town I built and anytime I would move about it would freeze up and crash. I am on fiberoptic and a brand new PS5. My fiance also plays the game on the same system and doesn’t have any of these issues. He even has 5 different HUGE builds on Exiled alone.
I can’t understand why he has no issues and I keep getting all these crashes and freezes and now losing all my stuff. FUNCOM Please fix!!!

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