Animal AI and Arrows


Nice little AI you got there.
Animals seem to turn or move at the last second every time i try to shoot their head for the bonus damage. Every time i power shot they either do an animation that move their head out of the way (eat something on the ground or lay down) Or they seem to turn around the last second and i watch the arrow sail past their head.

I’ve even sat there waiting with the arrow drawn. Wait for them to be done with an animation and then fire and yet without fail they do something that dodges the arrow. I end up having to aim for center of mass and not bother going for the headshot bonus. You make that perk really useless.

Well, I am able to do headshots on animals…

Lol, this reminds me of the Red Mother. My thrall was tanking her and I usually just shoot her in the hip, but I went for the headshot…she moves that head around so much I missed every time. This was from a 90 degree angle. Gave up and went back to the hip/leg.

I’m not having challeges with animals or anything to headshot. Most people only use headshots if they have the 5th accuracy perk as that is the only time to my knowedge that headshots do the extra damage.

Sadly if you are using the 5th perk its highly a waste now.

The damage numbers work better with 40 strength and 40 accuracy now. The increased damage to the arrow on a heavy attack +25 % damage coupled with the fact that its reliable makes the 50% for the 5th perk of accuracy redundant.

You Will get better numbers using heavy and Light attacks hitting anything in the foot. Or anything poisoned, Bleeding and Crippled.

So apply a Set arrow or a firespark arrow. Trigger Salting the wound instead.

10 x more reliable than the 50 point sink in accuracy.

Now that aggro appears to be easier to trade between the player and a follower thrall, I have coincidentally tried out bows. I keep Set/snake arrows on my Bessie’s Bow, and Healing Arrows on my low-end Bossonian Bow. While my thrall is fighting the boss or enemy, the creature’s head is much more stable. After several of these poisoning Critical Hits, it appears the boss will focus on you. Then when the boss switches aggro to you, toggle the Healing Bow and pelt your thrall through the chest, as he will be stuck and stable.

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