Animal ding dongs?

From what I’ve read on other posts, it’s something to do with Microsoft, console players can’t get full nudity but PC players can, not that I think have genitalia on animals is a high priority issue.

Partially incorrect, it’s only US console players who can’t get full nudity, but that’s only if they purchase the game locally, myself and a few others have mentioned ways for US console players to get the game with full nudity, but rather than actually heeding the advice, some just keep complaining.

This is something that isn’t really needs to be done, as it was already stated, most times animals will either be killed by the player or will be tamed, which makes them stationary unless ordered to follow.

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Reason being they shouldn’t have to jump through so many hoops for it. Especially when it involves international borders, virtual or otherwise.

I feel sorry for console players. But what’s happening is they are feeling the after affects of a bunch of politicians catering to “champions of morality” twenty five years or so ago. The only way that’s going to change is if they can somehow convince these companies that they no longer need to fear reprisal from these people, which given the recent political focus on violence in gaming is going to be pretty much impossible.

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Thanks for the correction :smile:

I’m sure it’s okay for cats and dogs to walk in public places without pants in the USA. Different species, different rules.

I rather not have animal gentiles shown.

We don’t need animal gentile,poop or pee in Conan Exiles!

Why do you think I said USA version of Conan Exiles.

It not at hit a Funcom for censorship. It a hit at USA censorship.

Just a minor point of clarity here, but it wasn’t really a lawmaker decision. What happened is some politicians decided to use the issue to score some political points and threatened the industry with legislation dictating what subject matter they are and are not allowed to include in their product. (A clear violation of the first amendment but, you know, they generally don’t care about that stuff till later. But that’s beside the point because it didn’t happen. Yet.)

In response, the industry created the ESRB in the hope that it would discourage that legislation from being enacted. Which it did. Furthermore, in order to put out some of the PR flames raging around them at the time, the major console manufacturers vowed that such content will never be allowed on their systems. (At least in the U.S.) That policy continues to this day. It has relaxed somewhat over the years, but that is the source of @Bryan_Skull 's problem. Not Funcom. Not politicians. It’s the company policy of console manufacturers.

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Not so much law makers, Its ESRB and Sony.

ESRB does not have go between from M to AO. Like PEGI System which has 17+ and M and Full on Adult rating.

Full Nudity in the west has very narrow line… if even a line to cross when it comes to this content. CE falls in AO catogory, which isn’t sold in 99.99% of stores anywhere… which right there kills the games chances of every being sold or seen.

Sony has been known to step in quickly to, and censor content. Watchdogs had woman with full nudity. And it took 1 kid using ps4 share feature to have it patched out almost instantly.

Lawmakers have no blame here…(maybe slightly) Its ESRB and its broken rating system that needs a over haul past decade.

CE from get go, most of its press info was its ding dong slider. Which didnt help much ether.

As for animal repopulating comments… if I can’t lez out with my thralls in ■■■ dungeon below my house. Non of them should get laid ether !

Then again… I have Honey Select and Kotasu for that. xD

Or you can join in on Pataron for wild life? or which ever ■■■ game that is with human and animal people. XD
Like I said way up above… We can’t even get new hair styles or edits of some of existing…and thats been requested since start. Reworking all animals in the game isnt gonna happen.

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Seriously?? Out of all the suggestions, this gets 30+ replies(why am I replying?)? I might never post a suggestion again…

In regards to the topic, I would say that creatures are actually designed fairly close to the real deal. Good enough. I’d rather have better stability and shiny weapons/armor than finely rendered animal genitalia. Your suggestion, no offense, feels a bit on the Troll side.



Yeah no kidding. I’m starting to get a feeling like Funcom is going to see how many replies this thread is getting and put a giant ■■■■ on an elephant or something just for the hell of it. :laughing:


Smack it with your sword. It does +1000% damage to the dragon.

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Wow, this is going to hurt, but i agree with…i agree with…i agree with (just say it already…) i agree with Bryan :frowning:

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All i’ll say is we could make Mammoth sleeping bags and you’re helping keep this from me :persevere:

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Just picture both males and females animals and etc getting hit in the gentile. Of course it does +1000% damage. Aim for the gentiles. We have to add nips on animals and etc. Hit the nip to do +1000% damage. Both genders getting nips.

All cats are already male, and have quite prominent balls and sheaths. All gazelles are female.

Hey my great boar has te ets, WHAT!!!