Animal husbandry (raising, not marriage)

Im not sure about the Hyborian Age, but I’m pretty sure most civilizations around that time had animal husbandry before they started growing crops.

I was thinking, since some of the areas I like best to build, have zero food sources other than bugs, a crafting station, a small animal pin, housing a deer, sheep, or something. It’s just part of the crafting station for looks, that way no one can keep killing it.

The fuel (feed) is plant fiber, and it yeilds hide, fur, meat and compost. Quality depends on the tier of animal pin.


That’s a good, affordable innovation. Congratulations for the creativity with using the game current mechanics and limitations.

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“(raising, not marriage)”

I’m curious as to why you felt the need to clarify that…

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The reason being the PS4 population with clans named “KKK” “Duh Real N****s” and “Poopitty Scoop”

Haha. Understandable.

Followers of Derketo should be able to make animals their husbands too… A man shouldn’t make such judgments in the exiled lands.

Why would we get married though?
If we married everything we banged, we’d be in weddings all day every day.

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You ask me why, I ask you why not.

The why not was revealed above! So many tedious weddings.