Animal path Routing not working properly

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When attaccking animals they either just stand still and allow you to kill them or they run off, but not in a normal pathing…its almost like they are teleposrting between waypoints on their pathing… so it impossible to hit them or damage them again till they stop running.

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  1. Attack an animal

Hey @Sanborn32

Is this happening in Siptah or the Exiled lands?

They probably mean this type of issue:

I have only seen it on EL map so far but I have not played a lot on the Siptah map yet.

We tried playing around with the angular velocity settings but no improvement. It was suggested that it might be related to the offmesh recovery system. It happens on at least one more place:

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@Narelle, that pretty much happened to me on my last visit to the Executioner’s Entrance on testlive. The spiders and skeletons that didn’t get stuck on the terrain became stuck and unresponsive once I hit them.

Its probably the same or related to the thing I noticed here Enemies and Thralls stuck in place

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