Animal pen on fundaments


Is there any way to put animal pen on a base made of black ice fundament? I builded a 9x11 base but can’t place the animal pen still

it’s tricky, but possible, try standing on something elevated
also move it up and down a bit with a mouse wheel


Better put Animal pen first then add any walls, columns or ceilings around it. 9x11 is enough but you have to lower it down into foundations a bit.

This is the only way I can accurately place any of the large structures.

It is 10x8x3. It fits fine. Just put up some walls and don’t overlap.

if you put walls first you won’t be able to place cage

No way to put it on basement. Destroyed a very thing and found a new place to put it on the ground… Tried everything, larger basement, put from higher then surrender…

I put up about 8 walls before I set the pen. Works for me.

You tried the 10x8 foundation?

I tried 11x9, spent 1 hour trying to set the pen on it then abandoned.


11x9 is too big. The ceiling won’t fit unless it is 10x8.

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