Animal pens too big, make single animal pens

The animal pens are too big to fit anywhere in my base, even on top of it. If you were to have 50-60 players using a server, how would they all have animal pens of this size? I mean without ruining the look of the game. It’d be like Animal Farm Exiles. Or Iowa.

So, as many have already requested make smaller animal pens for a single animal pet, like the Lesser Thrall Wheel. I feel like I will return to the game any day to find my character walking down aisles of animal pens.


We’ve already noted it down as suggestion but with bugs, performance and exploit fixes being priority it will probably take a bit of time until we can take it under consideration.

The pen is so big, I had to make a new outpost outside my base just for it.


Before I acquired the animal pen feat I was skeptical, but WOW is this building huge! It really has been a challenge to find a place for it – still looking!


Spent the best part of today trying to build the pen, it’s ended up outside my walls now, it really is too big…


When we want a graphical view of the Pet shown in full, (Wich is a treat)
Then the only solution for making a smaller footprint of the pen is to make it 1 item size.
That would be smaller and obviously with low yield.

But a dragon is a big dude you need the space to place, so its tricky allocating room id expect
Sounds solid,“You need the need the space to place.”

There are Dragonpets, right?

Create a foundation based three high, by ten wide and nine long. Foundation plus ceiling tile is acceptable with reinforcement. If there are issues utilizing this placement setting make it known online as I’ve tested it on SP, PVP and PVE-C servers.

So - thats not big? :smiley:

three high lol why’s that.

you can place Pens connected to a larger base with f.i fence foundations as a cord.
I build with a fence foundation connection 4 blocks away from a larger build and it was at 144, with no foundations.

then you can place the pen on plain ground and even tilted.(wich looks off)

Oh it’s positively gigantic, but it’s growing on me (pun intended).

I found myself wanting to build a second one, but I just couldn’t face the horror of fitting a second pen inside my walls, so I decided against it. I like it when decisions are not no-brainers, you have to weigh the pros and cons, and in this case I didn’t need it enough to warrant the footprint. I refuse to place it angled, it looks terrible.

I wouldn’t be against a single-slot pen though, mainly for taming, to make sure the baby animals eats the Shadebloom without starving the other inhabitants! (“It eats the flowers or it gets the hose!”).

I’d be fine with it costing the same as the full-sized pen, and taking up perhaps two fifths of the space, despite having only one slot.

3 deep? Consistently or can you allow for terrain so it’s 2-3 deep…

I’d have to test for terrain leveling with the foundation blocks, but, seeing how it’s possible to do with altars I’d assume yes. I’ll get back to you or if someone else has tried, give a heads up.

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