Animal pin not tameing

Animal pin not tameing

What type of animal did you place into the pen? What type of food did you give them? Any type of information would be useful.

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Lion cub we have gave it all raw meats
Im on Playstation

So as long as you gave it 1 of the meats listed (it will only consume 1 even if you give it a stack of 100) it will take it’s time until it grows up to an adult. There really isn’t much else to it. There is no animation like the wheel of pain or anything.

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Theres no time span on tje bottom tho it not tameing at all

Come in to the suver its pvp and type in jaid heres are discord PUXcCBUm

Any chance of posting a screenshot?

I beleive you can paus elike all other stations. If so you may have accidentally paused the station. On the top, is there an arrow or a square where you control the station?


Is there the slightest possibility that like another player in a similar thread you messed with the values and you also cranked up the Pet taming speed to “11”, not realizing that you need to use fractions to speed it up and not multiples, because it’s referring to the time it takes to finish and not the speed of it?.
So both thrall and pet taming speed 1x = 100% speed, 2x = 50% speed… 0.5 = 200% speed… etc.

And don’t try to see the progress bar move, as you can see on the above wiki link your Lion normally takes 4 hours to tame, so even with a setting of 0.25 it would take a whole hour, which means you wouldn’t be able to see any progress in a space of a few minutes