Animal variants invisible - Xbox

Several animal enemy and companion variants are invisible:

  • Black Rhino boss at Muriela’s Hope
  • Exploding imps across all South of Noob River
  • All rhino pet variants that are changed with gruel
  • Yamatai crocodile variants.

These are the ones I’ve interacted with or been killed by that I know of. I suspect all the gruel crafted pet variants are similar. They exist within the world but are invisible and the enemies can kill me.

Also the recipe book at The Dregs boss was invisible, but could be interacted by spamming the use button.

I just started playing on Xbox so can’t say after which update this started occurring. I remember on PS something similar happened when Age of Sorcery went live but it was fixed within 2 days. I’ve been playing this for a bit now with the same problems so it’s a bit untitdy.

Has anyone else found this and reported or know if an update is coming to fix?

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Yes it is a known issue. Next update should fix. Welcome to the Forum @CCoxBBox

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