Animals extinct

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | PS4]
Region: [America ]

All animals, have gone extinct. I’ve killed off all deer, or they won’t respond anymore. The trees, rocks, iron, coal, branches… all respawn, but the animals wont… what’s wrong? I’m level 47, I’ve built buildings, atorage, raised pets, etc… I don’t wish to start over or reset server. Suggestions? Is there a way to move my stuff to new server?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hey there @RabidChimp805

Could you try moving away from the region you’re at and coming back after being away from it for a few minutes and see if that fixes the issue?

No fix. We’ve rebooted game several times, no animals respawn

2 questions.

  • 1, Did you change land claim? Set it to high, then nothing near your bases will respawn within a very wide range.

  • 2 Did you change respawn timer? Set to far, you’ll need wait longer (or shorter) for respawns.

I’m playing offline and don’t want to change any settings in the admin. To me, that’s cheating or exploit the game. There must be another solution, other than restarting on another random offline server? I’m almost level 51, to start back at zero and lose everything, will be heartbreaking.

I’ve decided, there is no point finding omnivores to guard my place. So, I’m going with herbivores. And thrall guards are useless. All my animal pets and guards are taking honey from their feed box, thrall pot… bizarre or normal?

Not asking you to, asking if you did. Several of patches (I play mostly offline) have reset alter my settings in past. (not really cheating if you make QoL choices or harder, =p)

So have a look to see whats not at 1.0 or a default looking state.

land claim default is 1.0 (I use .33, so more tree and bushes stay near base)
respawn timer should be at 1.0

Depends on your setting, i have it off as default. Not sure if “hard” setting has it on. I always use custom to tweak game to be harder in some spot, but less micro-manging in others.

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Looked at settings, I guess all default. I’ve never adjusted anything before. All 1.0 except for thrall decay at 15 minutes.

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