Animals, NPCs still get stuck in water... (Testlive)

Single Player

After half an hour trying to figure out how to get screenshots to work, (Ive done it before, no issues, as you can see in one of my post about animals spawning in pens), to no avail - I decided to post this issue anyway, without the support of images to help with the location.

1: The bridge at the beginning.
Go to the 2nd part that is ‘standalone’ on an island.
It will have a huge rock on the island, and on the west side a camp/fire.

Antagonize the npcs (two) to chase you to the edge of the water, (its close), and more than likely one, or both, will get stuck in the water.

  • I was able to repeat this time and again… let them get close to you, go back, and they will go in.
    One actually attacked and dive-bombed into the water.

If you go to the east, there is another little camp, that has about two/three NPCs and three crocodiles.
It used to be 5 farming the people there… But they are still there in number to farm the people - not an issue, but they too get stuck.

In truth, I was hoping these issues were fixed, and they ‘kinda are’.
Before NPCs and crocs almost always got stuck.
Now its depended on how close and fast they chase you into the water - crocs, more likely to all just ‘jump in the deep end’ as it were.

I mentioned no screenshots.
This was most annoying.
F12 did not work, nor did print screen
(never had an issue with this before - has something changed, I wouldn’t think so, as people have been posting their screenshots.)

Asus laptop
Windows 10
Steam Controller

Seeing Im on single player, Im sure I wont be eligible for the sword - not a problem… just want the game to run smoothly, and have some of these outstanding issue - gone.
Would be nice to include single player in the test, as it would seem working out multi-player would roll over to single player, I have seen, in the past on the forums here, that is not necessarily the case. :slight_smile:

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