#AnimatedAngst Alternate Reality Game - MEGAversary Edition



It mostly sounds like it was the very first broken TRANSMIT which lead to the Pastbin so not sure if we missed something over there, or if the update is a bit late? … all i found in that was the ROT16 code sending us over to tswdb

Also some chatter going on on twitter


It is indeed for the first! They were the ones who found the original transmission header for the legend, which was posted previously in this thread. The update on the thread itself is a bit late, but that won’t be the case for future updates. In this instance, I thought the edit went through but it didn’t go through :<


Thanks for confirming that =3. Stupid tech sometimes =x … still curious if ther eis another platform where ppl are trying to solve this =o? didnt find anything on reddit =x


if we connect lines from animated angst lore with lines from stationmaster, we’ll get:

  1. collect the 32 and pass go
    this too, shall pass


  1. connect the 22 to advance
    do you see sweetling?

=>connect the two twos to advance? two from lore + two from the stationmaster

  1. the 10 are the key
    coming soon to a theater near you!

the 10 = SEFIROT


I just started reading this thread and while I am not sure I can contribute very much, I will give my best :wink:

I just did a little research about the line “grasp the genizah grammar” and the first result I got from google was the Cairo Genizah: https://cudl.lib.cam.ac.uk/view/MS-TS-MISC-00005-00005/1
So could that be a hint to Egypt, especially “Last Train to Cairo”?
The Donor’s name is Solomon Schecter. Maybe also a hint to King Solomon?


Still no idea where to go with any of this … but on the monopoly line.

Collect the 32 and pass go
Connect the 22 to advance.
The 10 are the key.

The tree of life/sefirot in tarot reading describes the fool’s journey. The fool needs to follow the set path, almost like you have to follow a monopoly board. At the end of his journey he returns to the start (pass go).

From the moment of his emanation from the Source or Creator he sets forth on a personal quest for self-definition. He must follow his destiny and find his true purpose in life. To do so, The Fool travels the 22 connecting pathways from one Sephira to the next. He cannot skip any part of this journey, for in doing so he would fail to evolve and develop.
The Fool’s journey however, is not finite. For all his effort and endeavour to reach full realisation and manifestation in the 10th Sephira, it is merely only one journey or cycle completed. The Fool must then find his way back to the Source and await his next journey. The Fool will experience each journey in a different manner and will be expected to use his past experiences on each Journey to evolve further until total self-realisation has been secured and then he need journey no longer.


Not so sure about the private party, but going in circles, yes. Reason:

To make it short: If I find something, I’d share it :slight_smile: Tried to distort the image with GIMP (lens effect, iverting, shaders) but to no avail. Beneath the screen… Hiding in / behind the tree of life is the tree of death. Also from Kabbalah. Interesting read, but I still have all the clues and no idea what to do with them. I refuse to give up however. Good things never come easy *grins

I’m still nowhere near frustrated. Too many old new things to decipher. Always loved the old game (even more before the multiple nerfs to make it more easy). I don’t know of any other game that made me learn (just clicking symbols didn’t work back then and the game didn’t give you a hint, unless you knew what you are doing) an egyptian counting method or use a “company’s” website so I could repair a radio mast or made me call a number I found on an ingame card with my RL phone or killed me with poisonous gas because I thought “meh, I’ll just try the puzzle until I get it right instead of working on the solution”. Laughed my behind off because of the latter. Apologies for the nostalgia wave…


I don’t particularly get what you want to test here. We don’t seem to have any of the random looking strings that go into the url of an imgur or a youtube video. We can otherwise probably throw together a little Python script to crawl around looking for hits on common websites.



Been searching and looking around for how to hide info in an image, jpg specificly, and i got it.

Used a program called steghide on the wesee.jpg together with the PassPhrase SEFIROT

You are starting to see, sweetling.
See the 32 paths.
See the 22 connections.
See the 10 emanations.
See the Animated Angst.


Wow, you are awesome! :smiley: congrats!!!
So there is a specific program for that… huh, with GIMP I couldn’t find anything o_O Wonder how we would have gotten this step without kind station master posting that image.


Thanks xD … super excited i finally got something lol … now just gotta crack that code …

EDIT: Agartha from the lore location has yet to be used i think


Didnt catch this part lol. It’s not a photo program umm … I think it’s call steganography. And not sure we could have gotten anything without the image =x.


Ah, sorry. Bad habit of mine… GIMP is something like photoshop, but free and not as complex I think. Used the wesee.jpg and ran all kinds of tests with it in my programm. But as we all know, to no avail ^^

So excited now. Gotta try all kinds of things with your info now. At…checks clock 3AM…
Maybe I check after nap? xD


oh cool 3AM here too lol. And i know GIMP messed around a little in it too, though not too familiar with it. steghide doesn’t work with an image that way though. It finds stuff in the code behind the image


Gotta note that one down than. Ooouuuh I have evil plans for our next RP meeting theeheehee


http://steghide.sourceforge.net/download.php <— steghide download … stumbled over something in the code of the image that didn’t look like the rest of the chaos, did a google search, and stumbled over this other Puzzle game somebody was explaining the solutions to.


This is pretty interesting…I never heard of that program.
Also nice find.


Looks like ceebers on discord cracked the new code.


Shifting each letter -4 in the alphabet, and each number -4 through 0-9, they found the below pastebin



Thanks for the update. What a nice lecture to wake up to :sun_with_face:
New riddles! :3

We have two phrases from the King James

  • Ecclesiastes 1:9 King James Version (KJV)
    The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

  • Proverbs 18:15 King James Version (KJV)
    The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge.

I’ll grab coffee and look into the rest. ^^

Edited: Because lack of coffee xD Thanks Wolf


Got the wrong part here :wink: you want 18:15 instead