#AnimatedAngst Alternate Reality Game - MEGAversary Edition



This is, perhaps more “understand the story being told” than “decipher the clues”, but a lot of the stuff in that pastebin doc seems to reference the transition from TSW to SWL.

“And yet, there is eleven where once there was ten.”

Seems to be talking about how it now takes 11 shards to open the Gatekeeper and/or the induction of the Tech Golem as being on equal to the rest (unlike the past anniversary events)

“Its programming dictates the path, but its path is not there. Where did it go? It is inscribed in its very existence.”

A lot of the old branches of Agartha have been removed in favor of the jump pads but there are still custodians who wander the branches down below.

“n the end, two branches sprawl before it, and it does not know which to take. They, like it, once had purpose.”

Recently re-added branches for the anniversary event include a hub like location with two branches that come off it. This area used to be (or is very similar to) the branches that used to hold the Elite and Nightmare dungeon portals.

“And so Kapsu Nasiru waits.”

Kapsu Nasiru was a silver golem that spawned in Fusang projects, a pvp area, during the old anniversary event. Much of the story given there appears to relate to the silver/lunar golem.

Not sure what is going on with the clever raven scouting above and the wise hare hunting below might be.


I think this might be a nod at Vomher and Insein :wink:


Happy to see it went forward during my holidays!
Congrats for the image cracking by the way @SinOfTheWolfs. Didn’t get the idea to check for hidden data in this image.

Now I think we need to wait for a move from Vomher to update the score (and tswdb lore AA#2 (&1?) ) and the Stationmaster for the (final?) transmission hunt as the transmission don’t bring much on the table.
I’ll stay tuned.


Thanks =P. Im kinda thinking the same, i dont see what the next code could be in that transmission, and No clue on where such a code might have to be used.


Speaking about that @Toby301 , there actually IS a shem o silver at the portal mentioned…


Logging in. I’ve been on that branch numerous times during the event and before and that one is new!

Edit: Might all be coincidence, so yeah…
When summoning other shems on that specific location, they neither “get into position” like you can see in Happy Feet, nor do they move in general. They refuse to follow the player and will stay with the big Shem of Silver until you are so far away from your pet, that the game force teleports it. When I summoned my Shem in other parts of Agartha , it moved normally.

Both branches were checked. Nothing suspicious there.

Tested an Assault Automaton on the level 10 Shem. It did react to it and made it vanish unfortunately. We thought we could provoke it a bit like that… I just hope it will respawn :fearful:

Guess: Might need a couple of people and summon all their Shems? Do they unite with the big one? Can we create Nasiru?


Poor Silver Shem D= it was just trying to find it’s purpose in life

This behavious has been a thing from the start of the event. While hunting lore very early on i tried to spawn a shem there, and it wouldnt walk around with me.


Also, the assault automaton did something to the technology golem I summoned next to that lost silver shem during those experiments with @Jack .It teleported onto the shem of silver and became “amalgamed shem of technology” or something like that, before disappearing. Did not get time to take a screenshot though :S . So a special happy feet might be invlolved here indeed.


There is one in the instance my alt is in right now. Was there always a custodian walking on these two branches?


afaik yes

Thing is… I remember having a Lunar Shem and no Silver. Silver Shem’s description reads, that it wants me to believe, it is a precious metal. But what if it only poses as such and is in fact Mercury ( also found in Amalgam).
Random brain bubble.

The bigger one is not ours


Any ingame news?
also one possiblility I came thinking about is from this part:

Something wanders and paces off the beaten path in an unending sea of possibility. Its programming dictates the path, but its path is not there. Where did it go? It is inscribed in its very existence.

As it came with the last update, maybe the path we are looking for is hidden somewhere in its programming, its very existence, aka a file somewhere in our SWL installation folder instead of ingame…
(where though?,well we have a lot to explore among the latest files…)


I’m still sticking to “An ARG does not take place in the actual game as a platform”. Honestly i think we are waiting on more info, quite possibly from the Station Master over on Twitter.


Hmm… I wonder what other NPCs we can kill with those Assault Automations. And here I’ve been throwing them away like a dope.

The silver shem there was apparently spawned by Andy, so I don’t think it is going to come back on server restart. Should we /petition and promise to take better care of the next one?


I could easilly see FC doing something fairly minor like spawning an NPC in a particular place as part of the ARG, if they had enough warning to slip it into a patch. (I could see Andy doing it manually too, but that would be more difficult to keep consistent across dimensions). I’d be more surprised if they applied any significant scripting to it… but maybe repurposing existing scripts… say tweaking the reward script from the Rider event (the one for the mask)? Perhaps an emote (and stop killing the poor shem!)




Oh i have no doubt that funcom would do that, my point is that normally an ARG to a game, does not use the game itself as a platform. It’s kinda in the name Alternate Reality Game. not gonna stop you guys from searching though, by all means do xD.


The Buzzing Lore was updated. We still have map Agartha but now the previous SEFIROT was switched out by the location of that exact spot where the Shem of Silver stood.
In the Black Signal entry, the SEFIROT remains.

Still have no clue what to do with that info however :confused: Thing is, that poor little fella was nowhere to be found. Looked on three different servers, so I cannot check further if there is a way of interacting with it.

Random thoughts:
The left pathway would have guided us to the nightmare brach of dungeons and the right one to elite.
The Shem was looking North last time I saw it.
Silver is not associated with the Sefirot, but Mercury is, with the number 80, which would be Yesod, which is either associated with Archangel Gabriel or -in the “black signal” version of the Sefirot- with Lilith.
The only thing “silver” I could link to the sefirot would be Malchut, which is sometimes linked to the moon (Lunar Metal comes into mind)