Animation quality and combat needs to be improved

It is one if the main reason why I cannot enjoy conan exiles.
The way the characters run with large weapons is very awkward and stiff looking.
The archery in particular feels and looks so off. Not only are the run and idle animations poor but the way the arrows are shot looks ridiculous.
The characters instantly fire a shot from an idle position where the arrow is not even notched or drawn. It is literally the same animation frames you can see in sega genesis games. This is always the reason why bow balance is off, especially with groups of NPCs because everyone can rapid fire shots as if they are shooting guns, it looks so janky and dated. Power shots look ridiculous too when you need to wait for the arrow tip to light up to do full damage and the visual effect is too much.It doesn’t look right because the bow is already at full draw moments before it counts as full shot.

Hit reactions are very inconsistent and just flat out do not work with certain creatures like birds which makes using weapons like large hammers too risky.
Also the controls are inconsistent in responsiveness because sometimes you have to try a button multiple times in order for it to work like needing to mash the dodge key several times after stepping off a small one foot drop from a rock. This happens a lot with shields, the block button only seems to register some of the time.

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If you think that’s bad equip the Claws of Jhebbal Sag, now that’s a sight to behold…

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