Annihilator/Thralled NPCs

  • The Annihilator weapon has been rebalanced and no longer has 100% armor penetration:

Considering that as far as I’m aware all Annihilators in game even prior to this update have been nerfed it’s kinda a slap in the face to those of us who played the dungeon at roll out and farmed these swords. I thought potentially that the swords currently held by players might keep the stats and become grandfathered items.

  • Thralled NPCs cannot be knocked out anymore:

This doesn’t currently affect me because I play on PVE currently and you can’t knockout others or your own thralls once placed down. But I wish you could, it adds more of a sense of barbarism to the game, it allows you to potentially get rare thralls from others who may just let them decay or spam them. I don’t understand why this feature has been taken out when it’s far to easy to spam place thralls anyway so it’s not even a sense of loss. This seems to be becoming an everyone’s a winner type of situation.

I’m curious of other views on the update, pros/cons?

Overall I’m disappointed.

Ad 2) There was a bug to fix broken legendaries with re-enslaving your OWN thrall! You gave him the broken legendary, used truncheon to knock him/her out again, put in the wheel again and after that, the weapon was fixed.

Maybe this change was to fix that bug, which without doubt, was a really bad idea for PvP players.

Overall the only good thing in this patch is the new bulked platting and the concusion and farming oils (most other kits have way to much negative things, or only for thralls)

The rest was just a big nerf to several things and you craft hardened steel now differently (for whatever reasons).

Ah, yeah, you get DLC with some new parts and missing other parts and 2 new weapon types, which have no legendaries anyway… :smiley:

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The thrall thing really irked me. but i think i know why they did it (cought…tok…cough…kens).


Thrall knockout: even if it was done to stop PVP from using Thralls to fix legendary weapons, which I doubt. I think it was done to stop coin duping for gods. I still think we should be able to club our own and other people’s Thralls.

As for the DLC pack, I feel they shafted people on that. Half the pieces are missing, not really any placeables, unless you count the multiple flags which are really just reskins of the same item. No variants for animal thralls. Overall I am disappointed with the DLC, especially considering it wasn’t even the intended pack for release. :joy:

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Yep. Still a poor fix to the issue.

I don’t know what they’re doing with annihilator, but I’m a big fan of not being able to knock out tamed thralls. It entirely invalidated equipping them with good gear in the first place.

Most importantly, I’m pretty sure a big part of hiding god tokens and stopping their decay timer had to do with being able to knock out tamed thralls.

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