Announcement Developer Stream - September 11, 2020

Wow… work a 70+ hour week and abunch of new stuff finally happens and I miss it -_-’

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It’s okay, you can catch up here on the forums. You’ll just have to wade through tons of complaints about how this is not an expansion, but a new game, and how that sucks, for some unfathomable reason. :stuck_out_tongue:


Update September 11, 2020
Added update announcement and TestLive patch (“It’s bug snax.” :bug:)

Post-stream update September 11, 2020

There were some questions that were unfortunately not covered on stream. We’re in talks of preparing a other stream with more Q&A. Ideally before or on launch day.

– Ignasis, fan-made Discord

This message was originally used to give an additional direct link 5 minutes prior to the stream. I’m now using it for post-stream updates.

We kinda asked for this? I don’t see issue. We wanted a new map, and were well aware there was people who would want to port over there massive back stocks and rule with iron hand… and wanted a fresh start…

I can see why some people are mad, but I’m happy, we get a new map. Thou 20$ price tag sounds temporary for PC master race… we console users sound like we’ll get a 29.99 on later date at release and will be 6+ months behind when it comes out of early access and have 95% of content spoiled by randos posting outside of section or anytime I poke a glance at announcements bound to have something spoiled. =/


isn’t the thing missing here the option to pre-purchase it (same price) beeing fair to the console players?

I assume, those who didnt join on band wagon on PC for early access, will undoublty have to pay the higher price when it leaves early access.

Assumed right. :smiley:

PC Early Access price will be 19.99 USD. The price will increase when the expansion leaves Early Access.

19,99 usd =16,88 Eur btw.

Update September 12, 2020
Check out @Multigun’s stream summary in the top post.

Edit: Added @Glaucon’s thread on multi-map, mods, map filters and updates.

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Update - September 14, 2020
There will be Official server maintenance before the Isle of Siptah release. See the top post.

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