Annoying persistent crashes

Annoyance is having your game crash when you interact with a chest or equipping an outfit after your game has been on for a while. It gets really frustrating after a while. Please fix this.
I didn’t know what caused the crashes at first, but now that I believe I know what the cause is, I have to address it.

Hello @Trappist01x, there were some issues with inventory transactions that were solved in previous patches, are you able to share any further details that could help us reproduce the reported crashes?

If you’re able to specify the average gameplay length, game mode ( singleplayer correct? ) and the exact steps taken prior to the crash, it would help us immensely!

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After the last fix the game was loading with no problems, but since yesterday it keeps crashing. I normally log out in a small hut away from main base, but two nights ago i got disconnected while crafting armour and im now stuck in base where it loads and 10 seconds later crashes. I have recently furnished some rooms with placeables and think this has caused the crashes.

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I usually wake up at 11am and play to 1pm. rofl. Yes, I have too much free time. I played that way for a while with a lot of games. Had a bunch of free time after I graduated college a couple years ago, and I work on Friday/Saturday nights. Crashes probably happen six or seven hours in.
And I haven’t downloaded the recent update. Last I updated was the Derketo DLC.

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Hello from Brazil,

My game crashes when get into a server. It does not need to interact with equipment or anything. It crashes just after I log on.

Could it be network problem ? I’ve got a strict NAT and I don’t have a direct UPNP route.

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This crash to dashboard when joining the online server has been present sincr launch, you must load the single player game first, exit, then join server. It will not crash again until you closr the game.


Playing on Xbox One here. My friends and I have all experienced this issue since we started playing a few months ago. The suggested work arounds of starting a single player game and then loading online or doing a hard boot of the xbox has no definitive effect and usually, does not resolve the issue. I initially believed it had something to do with the volume of users on the server, but recently, I have been kicked with nobody on the server. The exact behavior is, load server, be in game for a few seconds, game closes and you are returned to the home screen. This is really killing the awesomeness of this game for my clan.

One thing is clear, it does appear to be a server related issue and while it could be code related, definitely seems to have something to do with communication between client and server. I say that because, randomly, one of our group will experience the issue while the others will not or one of us can join and play without issue while the rest of us spend HOURS trying to get in. Aside from the very occasional crash during gameplay, if you are able to get in and stay in for longer than a couple of minutes, you’re generally fine for the rest of the session so long as you remain connected. Hope this helps resolve this issue in a timely matter. It would be nice to get to enjoy the game we spent our hard earned money on. Note, this is specifically happening for official Pve servers in our case.

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