Another beginners question

Ok, so I’ve gotten a couple hours of play in now and although I enjoy trying to figure out how the game plays, not having any type of tutorial is frustrating to say the least.
Can someone please explain to me in simple terms how to make the various workbenches available to build?

On the feat page I have 33 points available and somehow managed to spend 6 but don’t know how that happened. And no matter what I highlight, the unlock button stays grayed out so I can’t unlock anything.

And on the build page under work stations, all that has appeared is the artisian and the carpenter stations which allows me to make cups, signs and some lumber which I haven’t needed yet. I really want to unlock armor and weapons so that I don’t die so much.

All the youtube videos I’ve seen just bring up the pages where all kinds of work stations are available but without any explanation of how they were unlocked. I think my level is high enough for the basic ones at least but I just don’t understand.

And as an extra bit of wth, how do you load your bow or switch what types of arrows you are using?

Once again, thanks in advance. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m loving the game and look forward to being able to progress and explore the more advanced parts… once I can learn to tie my shoes that is.


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Step one, craft a build hammer

Step two, equip build hammer

Step three, select items to show what resources are required

Spend knowledge points to open specific recipes

For bows and, eventually, kits for weapons and armor, drag to arrow/kit on the bow/item to load/mod it.

Armor and weapons must be fully repaired to get a kit and armor must be unequipped before repairs or mods.

If you find something you want to unlock, click it. On the right side it has a requirements section/bar, all of those have to be unlocked first. If it’s already unlocked you’ll have a green background. If any of those have an orange back ground, it has to be unlocked before you can unlock whatever you’re after. If everything is good to go and you meet the level requirement, click the unlock button. Which is sometimes funky and doesn’t work so if that happens the F key works too.

Bows are loaded by dragging the arrow stack to the bow. It will use all of that type of arrow until every stack is gone, and it will not automatically choose another type of arrow once you run out of the selected ammo type. Changing ammo is done the same way.

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. I’ll try the arrows so that should work. The other… well…? When I bring up the feat page and highlight an item, it has no background color and the requirement windows are empty. we are talking very basic here. But I will try using the F key as that may work, at least I hope so.

But back to the work stations. I don’t see them to even try and unlock on the feat page. So how do I bring them up? I need the tanning station to make leather and another station to make the light armor… but I can’t figure out how to even get the option to make those stations let along a furnace or forge. And I’d really like to build the pet taming arena so I can get some company. And I haven’t even seen that one anywhere.

I’m an old fart and played 7 days to die for too long… lol


It sounds like you may need to spend knowledge points.

Open your inventory and navigate to Knowledge. This will let you select skills to unlock the stations.

Hey, @Seadog98520, are you playing online or in single-player? Are you using any mods?

Just the base game on pc downloaded from Steam a couple of days ago. I’ll get the dlc’s once I feel comfortable playing the main game. The dlc’s don’t add anything new to the core mechanics, do they? no mods… I never have any luck with using mods or I’d go back to Fallout New Vegas lol

herein lies the problem. I can’t figure out how to spend the points yet. but I haven’t tried using the F key yet so that may be my answer… or not. As long as I don’t lose my sense of humor and I have this community to help a noob find his own a$$, then it will all work out fine. Can’t tell you how much having you guys be willing to spend your time helping me means to me… Like most games, it is the community that makes or breaks a game.

If you are having trouble finding a specific feat, the search option is your friend. I’ve been playing since launch and I still can’t find them sometimes using the tabs.

My personal opinion is to get online in a pve server… Talk in chat. Many platers usually willing to help on the spot…

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