Another case of PRIVATE server ABSOLUTE state... Scamming newcomers / community

Obviously server with P2W but they also scam people.
They change server name everyday to started [24.01 or 25.01] etc so it looks like server started just today but in reality its lie and server was running for days (people running with bis gear) and that information is not available for anyone outside discord. Discord members seems to be closed cirlcle and they actually enjoy it cause they have an advantage…

Why im posting this? I don’t know, just to show how unfair that is to community - its disgusting.


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Yet another reason why I don’t play on private servers lmao

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I play on private server, my server :slight_smile: Vanilla, mostly :slight_smile:

The forums are not the place for this type of discussion. Please take your issues up with the server owner/admin team.