Another path for dificulty balance

Since the momentum was tuned down realy hard, and most of peeps wan’t it like that, i was wondering how to get back a bit of dificulty and sense of danger in the game.

For that i would like to propose something about the wildlife, maybe it could be nice to improve the speed of hyena, wolf or other hunting creature like those so they run faster than a player ?

Maybe put their speed on par with the horse one so they represent a threat again

I, for one, wholeheartedly support the tuning down of the momentum. Difficulty is good. Difficulty achieved by making me sluggish and clumsy is bad. Sluggish game about sluggishly running away from sluggish wolves, or just as sluggishly moving towards that faraway crafting station in the comfort of own base? It’s not a Conan game anymore.

Now, being strong, but opponents being even stronger - that I can get behind. Definitely can see opponents being faster, tougher and deadlier (maybe not Arena Champion one-shot sort of deadlier, but, well, more cunning). It should be a fight between dangerous exile and dangerous world, that’s the Conan game.

In addition to the suggestion in the topic, I would say that one radical way to make environment more dangerous is to teach NPCs and (select) animals to climb. ^^ That would instantly remove a good chunk of feeling safe and cozy from many places; no more looking down from a rooftop and watching whole population of New Asgaroth fumbling around and dying one by one in clouds of gas from a poison arrow.

lol! Please dont do that! please dont do that!

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