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It is not able now to see who you raid or kill your fighters.

bevor the update it was better to see who raid you.


@Totti I agree prefer to know who did what myself

There was a TON of discussion on this amongst the players. The Devs listened and offered it up as a vote. The result is what you’re seeing today.

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It’s a much better change imo. Yes, knowing who raided you so you can get revenge is nice, but it really helps smaller clans against larger clans in the long run and mostly eliminates the whole “alpha clan policing the server” thing.

Sort of. It’s not like this system also completely removes names and the such. If you’re being raided, you can still find out who is doing it as long as you are around for it. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few downsides, but I feel it’s mostly a positive change. Smaller clans shouldn’t feel like everything they do should be first checked with the alphas to make sure it’s okay. I’ve always hated how alphas enforce their own rules and everyone literally has to obey, otherwise they get wiped.

I understand everyone’s points some from a new perspective. I voted against removing name but I see now how it can protect the little guy. It would be a nice option to have on my ps4 gportal server when trying to keep the peace. A screen shot is better than a bunch of finger pointing. Thanks for the incite

I really hope they change this … as part of an alpha clan on an official server I can honestly say it encourages us to blow up every base we see… add the ability people can use these stone huts out of raid times to gather resources then pick up all there stations and find a high rock to hide on whilst they build up … I also join other servers and want people to see my name in there event log :disappointed: Why would you want to hide … there are plenty of spots on the map for that

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