So, I have combed through these forums, as I am sure so many more have, and I cannot find any REAL answers. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.

My clan and I (just three of us) have been hunting down these undermeshers for a week and finally found them hiding inside the Black Keep (under the mesh of course). They had previously offline raided us and we were down for the war. Now that I have proof of how they did it, is there any way to report the following? And yes, and I am aware that Funcom does not care about us real players. I tried the PSN reporting tools to no avail.

I know there is a patch coming, but WHEN?! AFTER we lose everything we have worked on farming fairly for 8 months?! I am definitely not starting over again!

War ensued, we geared up, bombed their base and realized we cant get far because its undermeshed. So we decided to fall back and head back to base. One guy calls his clan and six of them come running in. Now they head to our base.

We have a big base at the Crevice in the tundra. We have worked really hard to make it beautiful and to defend it successfully against so many “server wipers.” We fought at every entrance, 1vs2 or 3. We got them a few times, they got us a few times. But they did die much more :slight_smile: Anyhow, we had to call an ally to come in from behind them to push them towards us. As he was doing so he spotted them walking INSIDE THE MOUNTAIN. By walking in I mean they were literally going THROUGH our foundations and the terrain to get UNDER our base. They started bombing from underground, through our building into the middle of the base. They blew it up from the inside out without going through all the doors. As they spammed bombs we couldn’t do anything because they were clearly watching us from below and kept placing bombs where we were. We had to keep spamming foundations and other pieces to take the impact so that we didn’t lose the entire base.

Naturally, as with all these cheaters, they trash talk us, used profanity, admitted to cheating and blamed FUNCOM for not fixing this.


We have videos that i can edit to show the experience we had last night as well as screen shots and the names of all players in the clan.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game, as do my clan mates and we spend most of our free time playing. Not to mention our hard earned money! I know so many have complained about these issues and there are fixes coming eventually, but when it is blatantly done this way and there is proof, is there nowhere for players like us to turn to for help?! I am not wasting another minute on this game nor am i going to edit these clips and post them with details just to be told “find another server.”

I feel disappointed, but most of all ROBBED by FUNCOM. Any advice? Is there somewhere I can direct this to? Exploit Hunters is obviously aware already. Or is this the end? Do we just leave and “screw off?” I feel sooooo cheated.

When combing, you must have missed the advice from (lots of people and) Funcom to private message Hugo or Ignasis with evidence.

The fact that Funcom is taking action is about the biggest topic of conversation on the forums at the moment :slight_smile: As evidenced by the large number of messages that have appeared (and sometimes disappeared) from people complaining of being banned rather than following the advice and using a PM to the right people. The advice for what to do (and what to expect) linked below for your convenience.

If you actually do have evidence, get reporting!


Thank you! I’m so annoyed and flustered I did miss it. Much appreciated. I’m editing the clips now.


This is neither the section nor way to report an infraction.
Please read these two documents and keep them in mind: