Another possible workaround for siptah crash bug?

Hey guys, I was just able to get in after being stuck for 8+ days and wanted to post what I did in case it helps anyone else.

Since the crash happens when your camera’s pointing at something bugged you need to get your camera to look away. Kudos to @Oides who made a nice post in the other thread about slowly tapping the left stick during the loading screen.

That didn’t work for me, but then I thought I should try the right stick too. I didn’t realize you can turn your camera during the loading screen… turns out you can. I waited for the 2nd loading screen (I waited until the bar reached about 25% progress… it usually crashes at 40-50%) then I pulsed the right stick to one side about 3 times and what do you know, I was able to get in.

You don’t want to hold the stick down and have your camera just keep rotating, you want to turn it most likely anywhere from 90-180 degrees so that you’re looking away form wherever you were looking when you crashed. So push it a few times but don’t just hold it. Maybe experiment with pushing it longer or shorter. You can experiment on a different server that you can actually load into to test how much your camera moves.

I’m not sure if this would work for everyone or not, like maybe people who crashed literally in the middle of the SW island, but at least if you were far away and loaded the SW island off in the distance and crashed I think this might work.

Anyway hope that helps someone.

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glad it got you back in the game!


Yeah, I was just able to free a 2nd trapped character (which I had used to try to figure out the bug) with this method. And this character had crashed in the water looking directly straight at the SW island. It took some finesse this time and several tries, I had to pump the stick for a little longer but once I got it just right, voila, I was able to get in and I saw I had turned the camera about exactly 180 degrees.

Also I did this on quality mode (under settings) hoping it would take a little longer for the game to load up. I’m guessing it would work on either quality or performance mode but not sure,.

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We are on PS5 and it was not until yesterday we had seen a second loading screen because it generally loads so fast. Will be trying your suggestion next time. Thanks. @moku46

I could swear it was only an issue on Xbox. Are you having issues on PS? I haven’t.

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