Another proof that funcom is too busy not caring about its game

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While I cannot be certain, from the picture it looks like you fell for the same trick as myself in the past. You need EPIC Light Gauntlets, not regular ones.


Reinforced climbing gear requires the epic versions of the gauntlets and boots. It is a little hard to see on the darkened icon, but the light gauntlet icon has purple corners.

the issue remains that if its an epic recipe it shouldnt be on a normal bench. we had spoken about that last year and the entire community aggreed xD

The climbing gloves themselves are not epic items are they? And if everyone knew about it a year ago why are you crying about it now? This is not a case of funcom too “bus” not caring about its game, which it actually has put a TON of new content into over the last year mind you, but a case of you nit picking something that is really a non issue.

Well this (relatively minor) issue already has a practical workaround at least. I think they have bigger fish to fry at this point.

oduda funcom added epic climbing gloves last year if not a bit more. when they relased the fragment of power and allowed for epic mountaineering gear to be added to the feats

scripting is scripting no matter how you look at it.

Frankly, I can live with needing to craft my gloves on the wrong bench if it means the bug fixing department is spending their time doing something more important than moving the glove recipe to another workbench.

To me, this is a mild inconvenience, not something that warrants its own thread with all caps.

People see proof in anything they want to see as proof when they’ve already made up their mind.

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It might be considered a small problem, but then again I’m guessing it couldn’t be a big problem just moving the recipe to the improved armorer’s bench - The game is full of stuff like that which makes no sense, but aren’t in any way game breaking, maybe that is why they still haven’t been fixed :slight_smile:

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