Another RP server [PC]

Hail fellow exiles!

I’m renting a server through G-portal and I hope to turn it into a RP-server. This far, well it’s me, myself and I. That leaves 19 spots open. Well two of them are called for, but the peeps never show up. So, I’ve built this massive keep and I’ve wall’ed in a huge lot, called Daratsos in-game (A greek village). The thought is that my character let’s other exiles build in this lot and he (wall and thralls) keeps them safe. Just on the tiny condition that he’s the king. I’m hoping that this will turn said keep and lot into a RP-hub, like Stormwind for WoW. So hopefully we’ll get some community-RP going; Blacksmiths, Fishers etc. Community RP doesn’t appeal to you? You wish to be a grumpy outcast barbarian attacking others on sight? PvP is enabled and you’re allowed to kill other players, though if you don’t RP there’s tons of other servers for you.

I’ll throw out some information here, in no necessary order to hopefully answer some questions: Purge is deactivated for now (might change laters). You can bunk up with a friend outside of Daratsos if you wish, though not swearing there won’t be IC-hostility if we find you. I have admin rights and I won’t give it out, I’ll even go so far as to say I won’t throw free stuff to anyone asking. There is no addons on the server, yet, but that might change laters. I prefer to build a community of players 18+, but it’s not like I’ll give you a test of american presidents to test your age, now will I? Straight face Any questions, hit me up!

Password: sneakbysecurity

im new to exiles i was a player of Age of Conan some time back ive just started playing exiles this week im new here but have Rp’d on-line and table top games i like what you said about makeing an Rp hub sounds like it would be a fun place to play learn and meet others pls let me know if your still looking for players to help build your commuunity’ :slight_smile:

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I’d be grateful if you decided to come to us and give it a try. Today was the first day there was some RP on the server, as my character introduced another player to the place! Her plans is that her character will open some sort of tavern :slight_smile:

oh’ thank you for getting back to me so fast Cirkus89.

it souunds like you had some fun Rp sorry i missed it’ i will not be able to play today but i would be very happy to come and give your Rp sever a try :).

im still getting my exile legs under me so to speak but i feel i could be a real contributor and hope to make some Rp freainds as well’

could you give me some way to find your sever’ do i need a pass word or any thing ?

Oh do you run with any mods that i would need to add im playing with no mods at the moment’ so i let me know.

also do you run battle EyE if so i did not set that up yet so i would need to do that frist .

ok well ive taken up enuff of your Rp time hope to here back from you soon :slight_smile:

In the serverlist, there is a box where you can type in an ID, you’ll find said ID and password on the bottom of the first post. Remember to not use capital letters in the password! :slight_smile: