Another Thrall Balance option: Character Classes

I think another solution to balance thralls is to let players choose a class when building its character. Each class would define differents gameplay particularity:

  • Warrior: it gives the abilities to the player to have great attributes in fight: Exclusive Heavy Armors, Exclusive Heavy Weapons, Exclusive Cure Resources, etc.

  • Pokemon Trainer (sorry, couldn’t thought another name): it gives the player the abilities to tame really strong warrior thralls. This Thrall should be loyal only to the player who gives him special training: Abilitty to build barracks to give thralls specific training, ability to create special foods that improve thrall atributes, Ability to level up thralls with no need to take them in real battles, etc.

  • Worker: it gives the player the abilities to improve farming: Exclusive tools to farm faster, etc.

  • Architect / Engineer: it gives the player the abilities to create stronger buildings: exclusive materials, exclusive reinforcements, etc.

So the player should choose the class according to its gamplay. And it would give more reasons to build a clan, once each player should offer unique contributions to the clan. And Roleplay would be even more nice.

This has come up before, and it’s not going to happen. This is a sandbox game, not an RPG.

Classes is not a RPG element. It can be found even in shooter games. Why not in a sandbox? Or in a survival game? Dangeous should be a RPG element too, and there they are… Untill some months ago, mounts would never happen too…

Classes for thralls would make sense. We are creating our “army” of followers. We should be able to assign their duties. As far as extras not so much as weapons, but stat buffs/debuffs. Start simple…

Archer Guard…bows and throwing objects should get a boost in damage, as well as armor rating goes up 100. Only when it is not on follow and in land claim area.
Guardsman…gets a bonus when not on follow and in your land claim to health and armor +100.
Berserker…follower that does less damage when not on follow.
Companion…gets more storage slots and more health when on follow, and can help carry the load of farming.
Personal Pet…more damage when it follows only you, Can have additional follower when using. Allowed to tag 1 per person.
Personal Mount…more HP and avoids attacks by running away from danger, but stays in render distance. Can have additional follower when using. For you only. allowed to tag 1 per person.

Fun ideas, but not really easy to put in late in the game.

Or we just rework the thralls without adding classes.

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