ANOTHER wheel of pain despawned!

Can someone please explain the decay system to me. I’ve lost 3 wheels of pain in 4 days. Twice with thralls in them and loads of food.
2 of the 3 despawns happened in less than 24 hours of being placed the 3rd one happened after a day and a half of being placed. My log says decay system in germal(I have no idea why it’s in german) I tried placing them on foundations, without foundations. Everything despans INCLUDING the foundation.

I log in at least once per 24 hours so it’s not like im not active at all and the game’s deleting my stuff…
I play 2,3 hours a day max and this is consuming a considerable amount of my time and resources and I am NOT having fun. What is going on???

Too many problems with the decay system.
You should play SP or find a private server where it’s disabled.

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