Another world class update

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Region: EU

This might come across as a rant and i suppose it is but its yet another massive update that causes crash after crash. Do funcom test anything on consoles before they release it, they bring updates out on testlive before it gets main release but surely that can only test PCs. Its every ■■■■■■■ time and now this one is 45gb which we were told had fixes to crashing in it. Do they have an xbox cause i can send them one for christmas. It crashes within minutes of loading and not just online its happening on single player now too. Im getting sick of them releasing untested crap just because they want to bring out more Dlc. I would love to see them do a live stream using a console, that might wipe the smirk off their faces as they constantly get sent back to dashboard

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I’ll second that. Xbox single player constantly crashing every 10-15 minutes especially when opening thrall inventories

Wrong forum, this is general not bug reports.

At this stage bugs are a general discussion after all updates. It has been reported already and sure they just gave standard response, “our team is looking into it apologies for the frustration” the same response after all updates

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