Answer To Why Content Is Pushed Before It's Ready

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20 years of gaming and you have only seen this in one other game?

Lol what are the other games you have played in your gamin history? snake tetris and pacman?

Because almost every game I have ever played as had bugs glitches and things that only get patched over time, this is really nothing new and is pretty much run of the mill with modern games today, sure some are more polished and finished than others but almost EVERY game title has bugs exploits and glitches, it’s just the nature of the industry man.

I mean did you never play skyrim? what about half life series? age of empires? Diablo series? what about other title like conan like rust? ARK? Day Z? because if you played any of these then you arent being honest by saying you only played one other game that was plagued by bugs and glitches since it’s release and was still plagued by bugs more than a year later…

Skyrim was being actively patched modded and updated with DLC for years and that game is still plagued with bugs to this day, so don’t give us this whole “end is nigh” spiel when you are simply talking a bunch of hot air.


I remember my Diablo 2 spear stack exploit on LoD release. I would equip a spear as I was swapping weapons loadout from page 1-2. I had pike damage thrown onto my sword damage… and I had a shield. That was when Blizzard was reputable.

Hell, even the new pkmn game has some game breaking exploits and was hacked before official release lol. Game freak has a reputation of NOT patching their games.

Are you capable of having a conversation without being condescending and insulting? Insinuating that I’m dishonest and full of “hot air” was completely unnecessary and offensive.

I looked over my comment to see what you were talking about. I never said all of my other games were bug and glitch free. I couldn’t figure out why you’d put words in my mouth, that would be arrogant presumption, but I do understand your confusion. I wasn’t clear enough. I only had one cup of coffee this morning when I wrote that. Usually I’m more concise.

When I commented that I’d only seen this in one other game, I wasn’t referring to the bugs and glitches. I was referring to the developer making changes that people don’t want and over-tweaking the game. Not eliminating as many bugs as possible certainly doesn’t help matters.

In the game I was talking about, the last update that developer issued caused a mass exodus from the game and nailed the coffin shut and the developer subsequently folded showing that it is possible to change and/or tweak a game to the point where it no longer resembles what attracted people to it in the first place.

I get that no developer can please everybody, but they need to make sure they’re pleasing the majority of their fan base if they don’t want to kill a game before it’s time and want to make the most profit from it.

I hope this clears things up for you.

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Is probably by far one of the worst companies ever… They lie, they make crap “new” animations, but if you like Pokemon you have no choice.

It is not only money. The player base has fault in this as well. People keep pushing for content over bug fixes. I’ve made comments on posts before about prioritizing bug fixes over new content and had players flat out state they would rather see new stuff over patches. Funcom will listen to the player base if we all speak together rather then against each other.

We all as players need to send Funcom a message that we are okay with waiting a few extra weeks before something comes off the PTR if it means the bugs will be fixed at launch. If the idea of waiting for it to be done properly doesn’t fly with someone then they are part of the problem.


I will literally buy anything conan funcom wants to sell me. Bring it on. I’m not ashamed. Keep it fast paced, early and often.

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Yes, I am one of those that will put up with a few bugs in order to see new content.
Evidently, I am part of the problem…only it isn’t a problem with me.


I don’t see anyone pushing for new content other than Funcom.

Given their constant (and now expected) fails at quality assurance all i ever see is players ( myself included ) pleading with them to test their product prior to release.
Clearly they have no interest in following this methodology as evidenced by past and current practices.

It’s their call if they want that reputation/label in the industry. You reap what you sow.

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I agree with you for the most part. My take on all this is that Funcom ultimately has the power either way and doesn’t have to cave to the players who’d rather have the content immediately if that is what they’re doing. All they have to say is “Be patient. We’re gonna work on bugs and performance first to get the game in optimal working condition and stick content in when we can.”

The way I see it, that would be the professional and responsible way to do business. Some might step back if no content is being added, but they’ll quickly return once that content is added. If they leave because the game is buggy and doesn’t perform well and that doesn’t get fixed with no end in sight, you’ll likely never see them again and they won’t be so quick to buy another Funcom product.

Since the company pushes the DLC out without proper testing on a bug infested game, that tells me they’re indeed more concerned with the bottom line if for no other reason than people are buying it regardless of the base game’s condition. That makes it appear as if Funcom is sopping up the gravy while expending little to no effort to work on bugs and performance. If the DLC were free I’d have a different opinion.

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Honestly I do not see these foundations so strong…
Playing singleplayer offline, built a small camp and my PS4 is about to burn in hell…
I reinstalled the game a week ago, and even if I had several issues in the past (we all know, pointless repeating them) I’ve always had the chance to play and experience a “decent” gameplay (for CE anyway).
At the moment I do not know if the latest patch (of a previous one) introduced some new issue, but I’m lagging as hell, the rendering of the terrain itself, of the “most complex” clothes and of many structures is absolutely inacceptable.
So yes, I do claim that these foundations are fragile, the game should have a complete overhaul in it’s mechanic core, but this is an old story: fixing a game to work as intended does not bring munne in the pockets of the software house, but alluring players with new (expandible) contents does and so I feel this “foundation’s issue” will never be resolved.

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Why you keep talking abou FO76?

It was the update before this one. It created problems that made the game unplayable. The Devs put out a fix(ish) to it but it’s still not back to full power. AND yet rather then spending more time on a fix they where pushed into the next batch of new content.

I understand what you mean but I do not completely agree. At least not in this case.

It’s Funcom that pushes the DLCs to make its game profitable. With the annual pass they commit to release a number of DLCs in the year. It is not the players who oblige them, they commit themselves. They are also the ones who made the choice to make the last DLC of the year dependent on the mounts system. By the end of the coming year, they must meet their commercial commitments to those who bought the annual pass. With the last DLC requiring the mounts system (which is their decision and their alone), they are forced to rush this update to be able to release their DLC this month.

It is the desire to make a DLC dedicated to mounts and the annual commitment which forced them to rush this last update. Okay the mounts have been claimed by the players, but Funcom is fully responsible for the deadline he has imposed himself.

Then more generally I do not think it’s a crime to ask for content in parallel with bug fixes. I understand that there are priorities, but at no time the addition of content and bug fixes should be put in competition. Let’s be honest, the problem with Funcom is that adding content always involves adding bugs.

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Evidently, I am part of the problem


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That is why I gave two reasons in the original post. I’ve already talked about the money side of it. I’m saying that if we as players push for quality rather then “Shiny New Stuff” then we might get Funcom to wake up.


That does clear it up, and yes your previous post was a bit confusing I too read it in a tired state, I get what you are saying now and apologize for the condescension and any offense that i caused.

Sorry man it wasn’t right to go off at you like that, it was a long frustrating day and taking it out on a post in a forum is silly :confused: so my bad.


No harm, no foul. I’m a grizzly bear when I’m tired and/or annoyed, I understand. :wink:

It’s not a few bugs. It’s the game having some sort of fatal error on a regular basis.

I hear you man.

I’m going to wait till the hotfix to see the state of things, but there is really good chance I’m going to throw in the towel myself.

We play games to have fun, not deal with constant disappointment and grief. This game did a lot of things no other games attempted, but there was a lot of grief. It was a hot mess at launch, they finally got it stable, and now they’ve messed it up again. At a certain point, one has to just say “it isn’t working out” and move on. But in this case, the reasoning is “It is 100% YOU, not me.” We’ve put up with a lot on this journey, and speaking for myself, I feel like I – as a gamer – am the one constantly making sacrifices.

There are a lot of games out there right now that are relatively bug-free, stable, and aren’t being actively screwed around with by the devs for shortsighted, selfish and/or incomprehensible reasons.

I hope the hotfix makes things tolerable, I really do. I tried really hard to love this game, but they are making it extremely hard to.

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