Anti cold/hot armor in 3.0?

Hi, I started the game again after a long hiatus last week, today I unlocked exile epic armors… Then I started wondering.

My question is: what armor should I go for if I wanted protection against extreme cold or heat? Looking through the armor list most everything has only 1 star in either heat or cold resistance now. Even the epics. Whats the deal now? Id rather not waste skill points buying armor that doesnt help me…

They basically removed temperature mattering. Every armor does hot and cold protection. It honestly should just be removed from the game at this point since it has almost no impact.

But extreme cold/heat still kills you? How to deal with that now?

I agree that its illogical if 99% of the armors have no difference in heat/cold resistance. Although admittedly the old system where you could die to frostbite in middle of the desert was also not optimal.

I don’t know about heat other than drink water, it cools you down.

For extreme cold you need to make sure you are wearing anything that grants cold resist (which I believe is everything) and then eat spicy food. It warms you up.

Hot and cold stat is increased using Armor thralls now. That means a T4 armorer will give you better environment protection than a tier 1.

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This is really good information, thank you. I am not at liberty to test it just yet, but I will.

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