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Game mode: [Online]
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Region: [FRANCE]


After being away for few months i wanted to resume my game on the official server (Official server 3092). But i had the unpleasant surprise to see that players of a clan named D12 have built in a completely anarchic way on the whole map and more particularly all the sources of sulfur making it impossible to progress and build. Is there a way to fix this ?


Please check the terms of conduct here:

Make sure you read the terms of conduct guidelines before submiting a report.

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Have you read it?

If you want to report an infraction…

Two key words: “If” and “want” … not “must”

He wasn’t asking to report a infraction he was asking how you fix it. One option is to report using a process which appears to not work, the other is to provide tips/tricks etc to counter land claim jerks like that.

When you all quote that link at times i openly wonder if you’ve also read it carefull as well.