Anti-undermesh feature to be enabled with 2.1.2 in Exiled Lands PC PVP Official Servers

Greetings Exiles,

After a few months of testing, both internally and on Testlive, we concluded that our anti-undermesh feature is ready to be enabled in official servers.

Once we release patch 2.1.2, we will enable the anti-undermesh feature on all PC PVP Official servers that are running the Exiled Lands map. Other game modes (PVE and PVE-Conflict) in official servers will, for now, not have this feature enabled.

While we have gathered and processed a great amount of data in the Exiled Lands, we feel this feature isn’t ready for the Isle of Siptah map yet as there are still a lot of unresolved false positives. We will continue to work on this feature for the Isle of Siptah map and it will be enabled once we feel it’s safe and ready.

This feature will only affect the PC platform for now, but we plan to deploy and activate these measures on consoles at a later date, once Isle of Siptah is fully launched on all platforms.