AntiRaidSystem setting for a ps4 server

Hi, I just buy a server for the ps4; I have all the settings in order to be a PvP server, but I want to limit the raid time just on weekends, no raids in weekdays, someone knows what should be the correct setting, and how I can enable raids for all day, thanks.

In the main gportal area, set the weekdays to 00 on both stop and start time.
On weekends, set the start time and end times for what you want (server time zone, not local if different)
As far as all day, if you are only doing weekend raids, then set start 00 end to 23:59.
Unfortunately, weekends and weekdays cannot be set to on off , no time restriction individually. I have a list of suggestions i have on the forum for some more finite admin additions, but we will see.

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Thanks, I appreciate your information. Vey useful and well explained.

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