Any AA guide? Or Calc?

Honestly, i don’t know what abilities worth. There are guides for normal progression but AA progression, i found no information

  • Try find information about apprentice pet = No information found about his damage, attacks, etc
  • Try find information about the Unleash the underworld = No information found
  • Try find information about blood boil = No information found

Searching in old forum, i found a lot of useless information like that in past Supreme Lich was a Clown, i found no information about the actual supreme lich appearance, found no information about how much DPS, agro, etc the pets on AA necro tree have, no information about other spells.

AA takes much more time and is not refundable. I need information before i invest my time and possible money on it. Anyone knows where i can find information about AA?? I can’t find any reliable information. Some people in old forum say that supreme Lich is visualy similar to normal progression lich, some say that looks like a clown, if i try find videos on youtube, no information. Why is so hard to find information about AA skills?

You will eventually unlock every single AA so there’s no need for a calculator. If you want specific tips on certain play styles/classesjust ask

How much time requires to unlock a single 40 pts required ability? I don’t wanna waste my time or money… But one question. Is truth that the supreme lich looks like a clown? Or look like the “non AA” temporary lich

Here is some people mentioning clown

Other question. Unleash the underworld worth 40 pts for demo?

on demo just get cacodemon and ring of fire to rank 5 each. golden perks are not really worth it.

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Thanks, that is what i an investing on demonologist. Apparently all 40 point skills aren’t worthing the cost… Only one more question. How supreme lich looks like? Is a clown? Or is cool like the Nightfall tier 7 Lich?

When you get the Supreme Lich perk, you get 2 spells, one to turn into lich, and a second one to revert your appearance to normal.
So, you can use the perk, and still look like you would without it.

Thanks, but can you post a single screenshot showing how supreme lich form looks like?

Some people is saying that he looks like a clown and other are saying that he looks like the tier 7 nightfall lich transformation. I tried to find a lot of his appearance, on youtube only non AoC videos appear and on google images nothing.

I wanna know how he looks before spending my time and money… Here some people say that he looks like a aborted fetus

Here like a Clown

I just wanna know how is his appearance.

A guy on the topic

The current one looks pretty good imo.

How the current lich looks like?

Here they are.



You do not waste time or money - if you keep playing you will unlock all AAs anyway. You can read up informations about the AAs directly in your AA tree. Press shift leftclick to fixate a window, so that you can click on the blue links to read what they are doing.
One point equals 18 hours.
This is the AA lich form female in low resolution:

As already said you can decide if you want to look like this or normal while using theis perk. But if you want an advice on what to get first because you do not have many AA points yet: Chilling Breath and Decays of Nature are superior to the lich, so better feat those first, you will use them way more often than the lich.


It takes a lot more time to bring 2 silver perks to 5 points than to take a gold one, so i’d take lich first, then slowly develop the others.
And btw, I hate Chilling Breath, it makes the casting time of Ice Strike too f*cking long!

Thanks a lot for screen(both who posted), isn’t cool like Tier 7 nightfall tree lich…

About click, the problem is : No information about the skill. For example, i have a generalist text when i click on blood boil and ZERO information about damage, cooldown, mana consumption, etc.

Anyway, thanks.

For demo : ring of fire and cacodemon
For necro : Chilling Breath and Decays of Nature