Any appetite for player-based Combat Advisory Panel?

That would explain why we aren’t very civil:) Knew I had a screw loose for a reason.

Everything you have to do to scramble for survival
the day of launch/wipe and the days thereafter
sometimes bubbling back up for two months or more…
I call this process Contention. It’s healthy, and the most fun you’ll have.

Those are the fighting times, the PvP times. Jockeying for power. At the time I might’ve been the spoiler solo. Just so many great moments brought on by the invitation of all those fresh and juicy PvP servers. All my friends talk about it the same way, but occasionally I figure out they’re talking about Lost Souls. That was another great Power Grab, a guy with hours on his hands could get practically anything from the meteorites.

I think first order of business would be the creation of Havok Servers (regular wipes) and go from there.

Thanks for the input, everybody. It’s been weird.

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You know what…I gave careful consideration as to whether or not to respond to this thread again. And I was determined to let it be up until a new provocative remark was made in another thread. Now I feel compelled to defend myself and my friends who are no longer here to do so themselves.

Ok now we have a clearer understanding of things (below). When myself and other members sought clarification on this earlier and explained that we would not remain silent on any model which removes, or disadvantages PvE and Singleplayers from providing combat feedback, instead of receiving a clearer explanation on the model, we were shouted down and vilified. And now that the proposed architecture has been better explained, I can see that my fears appear to actually be valid concerns. Permit me to explain. I shall start with the negative and progress to the positive. Ok so lets disect this:

This is the explanation we were provided as to how it would function. BUT…the problem is that to meet the “qualifications described roughly herein”, we MUST be either PvP or PvE-C. So therefore PvE and Singleplayer are disbarred or inelligible and unable to be a part of the theoretical CAP. Personally I see 2 potential problems with this selection criteria and the descriptive titles applied to them.

1) The first problem is that even if the CAP only discusses problems relating to the two aforementioned modes, all four of the games modes share the same combat system. So if the CAP proposes changes which later come into effect following consideration by Funcom (which is quite probable), then this means that PvE and Singleplayer are removed from the selection criterion process, from having their own concerns formally submitted by the CAP, and will only be debating the findings by the CAP at a later date. Those becomes problematic because the CAP will be viewed as a group of elevated status, who will carry more weight to sway change than a single individual in his own thread. And my own fear is that the PvE and Singleplayers who vocalise opposition will be viewed as little more than glorified protesters before a well established board. Or even worse, a breakaway faction of trouble makers or trolls, even if their own grounds for opposition are valid and demonstratable. This has the potential for PvE and Singleplayers to feel removed from the decision making discourse or like second class citizens when it comes to weapon balance decisions. *Remember: PvE and Singleplayers use the same combat system as PvP and PvE-C, and as such, their own views and concerns must be held in equal esteem in the decision making process. But if they are not even allowed to be on the CAP they cant be.

2) The second problem falls into a point which @Ulyssi made earlier in this thread. And that is this. How would we define the if a person meets the criteria to be classed as PvP or PvE-C…!? No Im serious, this is a 100% genuine question. I will use you @Barnes and also myself to demonstrate my point and the dilemma.

You have said here yourself here in two different posts Barnes, on the one hand you insist that you and other PvPers are more PvE than we think, but on the other hand you lament that you are not qualified to give an opinion on PvE and Singleplayer. Now lets look at me and draw some parallels. As I have explained numerous times throughout my post history I have had numerous forays into PvP myself since it launched, but being a permanant PvPer just was not for me. Similarly, many PvE players right here on the forum have revealed to us that they were once PvP themselves, but left due to trolling, being outmatched and for a more relaxed pace of play. So by the same stroke of the brush, you may be surprised just how PvP we are! And this is where the problem Ulyssi cautioned us on comes into play:

How can we say who is PvP, PvE, PvE-C, Singlplayer, what is magic number of hours required to qualify, and who gets to be the supreme voice that gets to decide who gets bundled into which basket!? We simply cant do so in a comprehensive and meaningful way which is also respectful to all members without it devolving into Tribalism and subsequently excluding others from the CAP because of the label that has been applied to them. As I illustrated twice already in this post, *all 4 modes share the same combat system, and any changes made for one mode or more has implications, good or bad for ALL of the modes.

Therefore, I could not in good conscience support the idea of the CAP, unless it could guarantee equal representation from ALL of the game modes.

I would say that PVE/Singpleplayers do need a say. Here’s why.

If any changes are proposed that affect PVE/SP then they need to have a voice in that obviously. And if no changes are being proposed that would affect PVE/SP then they are likely not very impactful changes, so the point of CAP is moot (wish some rare instances).

For example, things like Treb Damage, Jar Damage, and setting changes on PVP/PVE-C servers are the limit of what changes could be done that aren’t going to affect PVE/SP. If that’s all this panel wants to discuss, that could be done in like 2 threads easily.

But anything affecting weapon combos, weapon damage, animations, healing, thralls, recipes, attributes, buildings etc… will ALL affect PVE/SP. So those players would definitely need to be heard when such things are suggested.

Trust me, if you don’t want PVEers and PVPers having issues in the forums, you don’t want the perception of one being left out of a discussion that affects them. We saw this with healing changes, back then a few PVE players blamed PVP players for it. And in that case the changes were in fact meant to affect both playstyles. Not just one. But everyone was pointing fingers.

But this is also why I stress the importance of non-segregating PVE and PVP players. We’re all Conan Exiles Players. Whether you play PVE or PVP or some mix of the two, most changes affect both.

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This is why trying to be transparent sicks. Everyone wants a voice, but no one wants to compromise. You were right @Barnes to start a private discussion among us true Conan Elite. The info we are gathering is awesome, and I can’t wait to send the details, videos, and ideas to FC next month.

Yeah, democracy sucks! Those peasants don’t know what’s good for them. Let’s form a cabal and rule from behind the scenes!

Jfc if this is not a troll post it’s abhorrent to me. “True Conan Elite” what the hell.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. They’d like to think they’re making oligarchic decisions. But in reality its just akin to a localized fraternity that thinks they have a real voice with the local institutions.

I’m not worried, elitism just makes me angry. Mostly though I’m kind of shocked at how quickly this went from a voice of the people movement to full illuminati. It was like three days :rofl:

I really think he’s being bombastic. There is no secret handshake.

Sort of like the pve forum members, ay?

I am only bombastic on official pvp :wink:

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Awesome. I have spent the last 7 hours pulling all my PvE shizz. I’m down to two main bases and a painful memory, plus a transfer station. I have learned a lot about staging and caching, using the retrieval system and more. Good, good stuff.

Going into “low-tide” mode so I can descend onto other servers at will.

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